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how to respond to a collaboration offer

And if you ever have any questions about how to respond to a brand collaboration email, feel free to comment here. You’re so welcome, I’m glad it was helpful! Does anyone else have this fear or know what to do with it? I usually just ignore and don’t respond at all to the last type. If #3s respond back with that type of message, I just delete them! Teams offer diverse perspectives and unique ways of thinking. I’d reach back out and ask them to clarify the deliverables they’d be looking for in your blog post, and ask them for an example of a past collaboration with another blogger. I really love how you present the question back at them “what does your marketing budget allow for a post like this?” However, I feel so uncomfortable writing those e-mails. © 2013-2019 Hello Rigby by Jenn Haskins. :). Spring is finally here! In the past, many brands just wanted me to write posts in exchange for social media posting. How would you know what to charge? Ugh, so annoying! As you know from being on this site, Quick Base is a cloud-based platform to easily … We are particularly excited as this initiative aligns with our corporate social responsibility outlook for the year. It gets tiring, doesn’t it?! The way you handle customer interactions is more critical than ever to the future of your organization. Keeping the fundamentals of proper email writing in mind, here are examples of partnership acceptance emails for various scenarios, Re:  Request for Partnership – ABC Capital Limited. Thanks Whitney, so glad to hear it was helpful! Even offered me my own code to share with my audiance and if i got 5 people t o use this code they will send me a free product in exchange and also gave me a personal discount code for future purchases. I wish more brands recogniZed this and acted like the first example you gave!! I know, I’m surprised at how common of an occurrence it still is! I kinda just put a disclaimer on my post saying I wouldn’t recommend it to just anybody based on the content. How to Reply to a Brand Collaboration Email | Tips for Bloggers. I think you have two options here: I’m not sure since I’m not sure since I’m not privy to the context of their request, but if you’re interested in working with this business, I would recommend sending a short message introducing yourself and requesting a contact name and email address to reach out to. So glad you liked it! Thanks for sharing these tips, Jenn! Define consensus and collaboration. Great post. Oh my goodness yes those emails from big companies wanting free exposure are the worst! Or two? Thanks Katie! Agreed, often I never hear back from messages like #2 but you’re right, sometimes they just don’t know how to write the pitch! All rights reserved. Not a free product sample, no gift card, and definitely no cash. People are usually pretty cool about that. Re: Autism Alert- Adult Learning Partnership Offer. Posits that collaboration in the UK is either recommended as good practice or enshrined within legislation as a necessity. I hate those as well, because like you said, they are incredibly awkward! Totally have been there! Glad it was useful, I’m sure you’ll be getting these types of emails soon! Love this post! Templates are great, so much better than trying to figure out what to say every time! They’re wanting me to share my commercials for a dedicated blog post. Thanks so much Jenn. They just needed a size my address. They obviously want you to share their post (for free) in something you’ve crafted based on their guidelines about whatever post topic they’ve come up with. Often they’ll promise social sharing or “good karma” (yes really) for your post. This seems to be a popular topic right now! I’ve received similar email inquiries in the last six months, and I’ve refused at least half of them especially when the email comes off shady or the nature of their brand/service doesn’t really cohere with my blog. My name is Jane Doe and I’m the co-founder of XYZ Company. You’re very welcome, Fiona! It was so exciting… until it wasn’t. Beside them, the way you respond to your partner’s request also plays a big role in making a successful deal. oh that is helpful! I do work with a couple of influencer networks with campaigns that I can apply to, however. According to Templafy, the average office worker sends 40 emails and receives 90 – a day. However, they don’t mention that, and they don’t mention anything about compensation. Good luck with your blog love! It’s such a bummer when you find out they just want to extend an affiliate program offer to you! I’m sorry, I’m not sure what they’re asking for either. Start by asking if you really trust that company. If you are already logged in to eArray, skip to step 5. When the partnership offer received by email is a perfect fit for your organization and aligns with your strategic objectives and goals, chances are that you will accept the partnership offer. I learned in a similar way, and honestly it’s just a waste of your time to write posts like that. You might be tempted to respond to that long-awaited job offer letter with one word: "Yes." I’m going to flip the request about budget, let see how this goes. I nearly said yes to the company’s proposal. Thanks so much for the suggestions – I’ll work on a post that covers some of those topics more in depth. I generally will ignore those. Congrats on your brand collab! I'm a Seattle fashion and lifestyle blogger inspiring you to add COLOR to your wardrobe and world! Hopefully it works out! Anyways Im still thankful but i hope i do get a fair payment or equivalent item after giving my service. Thank you for sharing! Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips! Some people just aren’t good at writing the initial pitch, I guess. One of the most common methods of making a counteroffer is to write a counter offer letter—a written or email response by the applicant to the employer's original job offer. And agreed, no one can make a living like that, and blogging is an expensive hobby if you are trying to grow it in any way, shape, or form! I’d love to work with you on a special brunch post, what does your marketing budget allow for a post like this? It’s upsetting that so many companies expect bloggers to do work for free, and with such strict guidelines. I went and read you post… can’t believe how many bloggers did work for them for free! We are excited at the prospect of partnering with Niger Contractors for the development of a youth center in the inner city for youths from impoverished communities. It has been updated as of July 2020. Haha, definitely true! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I know, isn’t that just crazy! Also I hate when they include something like, “We’re going to pick a few of our favorite posts and share them on twitter!” Um, no. Our time and blog followings (even small blogs!) I know, it amazes me what the expect bloggers to do for free just because we are not a standard “business”. Hope that helps! If there’s something you think would be a great fit for you and your audience, you could offer them what you think is fair in exchange for that gifted product. My typical response is to thank them for their interest, but that I don’t believe it would be a good fit at the current time. And I’ve created a template canned response for those I absolutely do not want to work with. What I have to share with them? We are pleased to communicate our availability and willingness to partner with your organization to execute this project. RE: Partnership Request -Niger Contractors. Again thank you so much for this article! My FAVORITE response to those last types of emails is when I respond, just out of curiosity, about what type of social media reach they would have and I don’t get a response. I always enjoy reading your content :), Totally agree, it is fun to try something for free! Affiliate or referral links are sometimes used on posts that appear on Hello Rigby. Hi there jenn i love your advised i’ve recently had a brand reach out to me to be a brand ambassador! Bookmarking for future use! Re: Lady Bee Bakery – May Fair Catering Partnership Offer. Inc. is passionate about the development of youths from minority communities. Thanks for sharing, the way you respond to collab mails is really humble yet perfect reply. I’m sure the email reply they sent you was just a template and they didn’t bother editing it. Thank you so much for sharing! I figured I’d treat it how I generally treat people wanting design services from me– Yes, we’re friends and yes I can help you design your living room, but I also have to make a living. Although sending an email automatically gives the receiver your email address, it’s best to have a section in your email where you put your complete contact information. Even then, I prefer to just share it on social media. IDK, it’s a tough situation to navigate! I hate them too, the only times I consider it are like what you said – if the business is brand new or if it’s for a friend. I often don’t respond “yes” but instead seek more information prior to accepting any collaboration opportunity. The worst is when you can tell that they haven’t even read your blog and it’s just so impersonal. Keeping the fundamentals of proper email writingin mind, here are examples of partnership acceptance emails for various scenarios Or you can reach out to me by email for an even quicker response. Generally, I will never hear back, or they’ll let me know they have no budget. Thank you so much for writing this Jenn. Hi Aimee! GOOD – FREAKING – BYE! So true! Personal Note: We’ve learned the hard way. Hi Adrienne! The support and collaboration from other alumni and Peoples-uni tutors offer continuing opportunities for collaboration … I only had one person write back and actually give me a number. :). Just be sure to make your contact details … Please tell me what does it mean? I JUST received one of these emails (like your last example) this week. Oh, the worst! You may want to leave the email for a day or two to allow yourself to disconnect from the rejection. Landed on your page, it was simply awesome. Oh those are terrible! I was glad I asked on that one. offer for collaborations. Let me know how it goes! Mention what some good times of day are for you. At first, you might feel your stomach drop, because it might be from a brand or company you’ve always wanted to work with as a blogger. Martin Fowler. Much appreciated! I know, it’s amazing isn’t it? They ask for me to basically write an entire post for them for free with no free product or anything….umm no? Bummer it was a sketchy one, but my first few were too. Now five years later from the first iteration of this blog post, I think I’ve gathered many tips to help you navigate how to respond to those brand offers, how to tackle the brand inquiries on Instagram and how to reply to collaboration emails instead of just hitting delete. However, it felt like a gray area because they weren’t specifically providing me anything for review…. Hope that helps! You may not always get a name (though sometimes you do — yay! I read your paper about such-and-so and have some questions about it. are worth a lot more than a 1 in 18000 chance at winning a toaster. The sender didn’t even mention the name of the company, and her email address was a gmail address! Glad the post was helpful, Hsiao-Ting! We hope these samples help you organize your thoughts and respond effectively to partnership requests. Whether we intend to or not, bloggers post about brands they love all the time. In the case that the brand has outlined everything in their pitch, you could just respond with something simple like: Hope you will be able to be compensated fairly in the future. I don’t even know how to reply to those at the moment, I think they’re horrid. THANK YOU for this post. And then, after you have read it, you might feel elated. Does she want me to try her product and post about it? Make it informal while beating around the bush, and you’ll show your incompetence and unprofessionalism. :) While it’s nice that they’re interested in working with you, have you tried and used their products before? I got a totally new one last week. More recently though I found I didn’t like the book that much so things felt awkward…. I was so shocked and caught off guard … and immediately went back to find this post to help draft my response! I used to respond to these by sending rates and more information about my offerings. 10 Things You Should Know About Shiba Inus, When You Should Say No to Blogging Opportunities, How to Take Your Own Outfit Photos For Your Blog, What I did Before I Quit My Job To Become a Full-Time Blogger, Productivity Tips for Bloggers & Creatives to Beat Overwhelm, Tips and Tricks to Up Your Photo Game on Instagram, Summertime Essentials for a Staycation at the Lake, F&F Friday Favorites: 01.30.15 | Fitness & Feta, 5 Pieces of Blogging Advice That Saved My Tail,, Seriously Amazing! I love your template emails because I see people asking how to respond to those on a regular basis (in Facebook groups). Haha yeah or “Dear Blogger”. If you work in a business or corporate environment, you need to learn how to respond to your boss's warning. I’ve been especially frustrated by this lately after having received a few less than stellar requests. Questions? 1. Here’s one that I think is pretty fair: Here is a sample email to respond to a partnership offer in situations where additional information is required from the partner organization. Respect collaboration. It really only takes a second to find out a first name! Yeah, I’ve gotten a few of the “no-strings” emails recently as well. Additionally, I have a business PayPal account, a business bank account, and a tax identification number that I use for my business so I’m not giving out personal details when it comes time to get paid. If you have received an invitation to become a member or a share user of a collaboration, you can accept or reject the invitation. I often get books through NetGalley, and I’ve never had a negative response about a not-so-positive review. Sometimes they’ll also promise to feature you on their social media channels – but I wouldn’t count on it. Based on the comments, they’ve done this with a LOT of bloggers. Another good reason why you should never bother working for free with brands, you never know what future opportunities you could miss out on!, So happy to hear it was helpful to you as well, Alethea! Chances are you didn’t miss out on anything anyways. I think it depends, you never know, they could have something to offer in the future, maybe not. Send a tweet or a direct message to the brand letting them know you’d like to collaborate and ask for the best contact name and email. It’s hard to write about something if you don’t have much experience with it! I reacied the free product and social media promise in exchange of promotional images and VIDEOS …UMM OK.. I have received a message from a brand, they have a large following but generally low engagement on their posts. The priority of any support conversation should be to deliver satisfaction to your customers. This is worth saving for future reference too. Very useful article! This is so helpful… saving this post! These days I just don’t respond to any inquiries like the last one you mentioned! XO Janina most of the time i tell them thank you but no thank you it’s not for me – because i figure if they are going to offer me something they would have already. Thank you so much for this post! These types of brand emails are so ambiguous and can feel awkward to respond to. So glad they were helpful. Stickers? We kindly request the following information for further consideration by our management team: We look forward to partnering with Niger Co. to design the proposed center and develop the appropriate programs for the youths. They wanted 5-10 posts just for a 20% discount from their shop! Thanks for this post. :). That’s just crazy! Read my full disclosure. Could you please send me your advertising package? Further to your earlier email offering Adult Learning an opportunity to partner with Autism Alert to develop and execute a long-term public engagement program, we wish to communicate our acceptance of your partnership offer. Pingback: 5 Pieces of Blogging Advice That Saved My Tail. On the product review question, yes, if someone contacts me for a review, the product is the compensation. So glad it was helpful! ;). Amazes me, honestly. I was a little miffed that someone would ask me to work for free. By the way, if you would like to get rid of poor grammar, punctuation, spelling mistakes, and lousy sentences in your emails, reports, and other written content, try this automated proofreader that we use at Woculus to keep our contents professional. Hi Menellia! I would love to work with your business to create some exciting content on my Instagram. Hi Gelila! I was so bummed because it was a pretty big company that could totally afford to pay for the work they wanted. This was so helpful. So now I know what to do :) ! E-mail #2 style messages aren’t my favorite either, but I have obtained sponsorships out of ones like that. Mostly I ignore the emails. My name is Jane and I own XYZ Company in Somewhere, USA. It’s important to avoid saying things like “Screw you, jabroni” and instead focus on saying things that express your gratitude, reiterate your interest with a company, and open the door for future opportunities. I got an e-mail once for this company asking me to promote/review their watches and then when I asked about them sending me one for review purposes I never heard back. For #3, i usually just ignore but i think I know how to respond now. Here’s an example of how I might respond to something I’m really interested in: Thanks for reaching out! Hi Rachel! Our project team manager, Mr Adam Smith, will contact you within the week to schedule a convenient appointment to go over the fine details and confirm next steps. I remember the first email from a brand I got. You know what I’m talking about… the infamous and ever ambiguous brand collaboration offer. Some bloggers do charge in addition to accepting product. xoxo. This will definitely come in handy to me. First off, you don’t have to respond to a bad collab offer. Respond to a complaint of discrimination or sexual harassment Respond to a complaint while admitting fault and making an adjustment Respond to a complaint while avoiding agreement or denying liability, and refusing to make an adjustment Respond to a complaint while avoiding or denying liability, but making an adjustment Respond to a complaint, but needing more information Respond to a complaint How are you? This is wonderful, I’ve been getting the last type and getting excited but then I don’t get social shares or anything in return. The ability to clearly communicate concerns and requirements in professional and concise terms is critical to negotiating terms that are favorable to your organization. Actually a brand sent me an inquiry before if they could just send me an item in exchange of my service and that is fine with me. Thanks for sharing this. Those are the absolute worst. Thank you again! Glad you grabbed something useful from this post :), Thanks for sharing this Jenn. I started my Instagram account 3 weeks ago and have grown a lovely following very quickly, however I want to remain authentic and not cave to the ‘influencer’ ways. I instantly know that those generally aren’t going to end well! Hi Jenn, this such a helpful post for a newbie like me – thank you! Nowadays, business collaboration is becoming more and more important. I see that you offer advertising and would love to find out more. Wishing you the best in getting paid for your hard work. Ensure you assess partnership offers diligently and think strategically about the offers you accept for your organization. Pingback: Lindsay Links #1 | Lindsay Weighs In. We are excited to bring autism awareness and education to parents and potential child handlers in partnership with Autism Alert. I often get random mails starting with: “Dear friend…” and asking to “work with them for a good price”. Thank you for your email dated Jan 30, 2018, requesting a strategic partnership between your organization, ABC Capital Limited, and our organization, Marketing Alliance Ltd. Our team has reviewed your offer to collaborate with our organization to develop a series of public service style infomercials to showcase the benefits of your products as insurance for lower-income households while showcasing our copywriting and production capacity. I’d recommend turning the ask back on them and just simply say something like, “I’d love to try X product and share it with my audience! compensation for collaboration. I’ve received a few of the first type of email, but I’m so paranoid about attached strings that I’ve only just started replying. Beside them, the way you respond to your partner’s request also plays a big role in making a successful deal. They tell me their reason for contact is “General/Comment” which irritates me because I feel like they are not paying attention or they are trying to wiggle their way around it for a free post. If you have received an invitation to become a member or a share user of a collaboration, you can accept or reject the invitation. Fingers crossed you get some better opportunities soon! Thanks for the tips Jenn! GREAT post, girly! Ugh. And social media monitoring helps companies listen to what customers are saying and respond quickly to their feedback. You can’t eat off of retweets or “exposure”. This means communicate in a timely fashion, and follow through on all agreements. You know what I’m talking about… the infamous and ever ambiguous brand collaboration offer. With a large following and a great product to offer, they should start to come up to you sooner or later. Accepting partnership offers by email has become standard practice with the digitization of businesses. It basically translates to… you’re not getting anything out of this at all. While these replies won’t work in every case, you an easily tailor them to what works for you. Thank you for choosing Marketing Alliance Ltd to partner with you on this project. In the sample below, Lady Bee Bakery has requested a partnership with Fruity Shakes to provide drinks and snacks for an event at the end of May 2018. You also need to properly think through the conditions of the partnership before committing yourself. I wouldn’t recommend sharing their products and your discount code with your audience if these products aren’t something you personally have tried and can honestly recommend. x. UGH hate those too! Usually they are just spam links I’ve never heard of! I only work with brands I would either 1. buy from anyways, or 2. like the product enough to use my time to write a post about it. It’s so much easier when they don’t fit with your brand, but many times it’s so ambigious that I can’t even tell if I’d want to write about them or not! As bloggers, we’ve all received these. ), but most brands will respond with, at least, an email address you can contact. Start with an appreciation of time and work. A partnership offer should be carefully considered before deciding to accept or decline it. If the offer came via an IG post comment or cut and paste email with your brand handle, feel free to delete. This will help you craft responses that don’t have to mean the end of the story, and can leave recipients with a positive impression of you and your business. Sometime, five a day, sometimes none. 2. Thanks Julie! Ready to respond to brand inquiries with confidence? Currently you have JavaScript disabled. We kindly request a meeting with your project team for Monday at our office by 10 am to finalize and sign the project papers. In the invitation e-mail, click the link under To join the collaboration. But this is helpful. I think in the future, if you’re working with a publisher directly, letting them you only write honest reviews about the books you read would probably help make you feel a little less awkward. Hi Sara! You mean to tell me that this Fortune 500 company want me to go out and buy, write about, photograph, and sell my readers their product for free? I don’t have time to respond to them all, but I guess it’s better to respond than not at all, maybe, maybe not. Thanks for the tips! Glad it was helpful, Courtney! This is an amazingly helpful post Jenn! In terms of size, I didn’t really start doing much in terms of sponsored (paid) campaigns until I was consistently hitting 10,000 page views/month. ;). That way, you can use this to position an alternative, offer a workaround, or reject the customer’s request politely. From time to time, I get sent a free product or have the opportunity to work on a paid post, but even more often, collaboration opportunities don’t go anywhere. 1. I couldn’t help but laugh! They never asked for any review, although, I would do one if I liked it. I usually add a “keep me in mind for future opportunities” as well, because you never know! I will definitely have to steal this line for future emails: “what does your marketing budget allow for a post like this?” Great job! Thanks! This was very, very helpful. I get these emails far too often. It amazes me that these are businesses and yet they don’t always treat you with professional courtesy and respect! The Guardian - Books. Haha, that’s okay, the ones that are really strange I don’t respond to either! If you do a product review, is the product the compensation? Thank you for your interest in partnering with Fruity Shakes. I absolutely love brunch, in fact I host one for my family every holiday season. Great Tips!! I agree, it is important, it’s so easy to be taken advantage of without even realizing it. I hate when companies want you to write things for free. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Xoxo, Alethea We’d love for you to create a post telling us your best brunch tip: whether it’s a recipe, an outfit, or just your own favorite must haves to make your brunch the best in town. You’re very welcome, Cole! Ignore or Delete. So glad it was helpful! I want to say that I would be happy to share their company to my audience but only after actually ordering/enjoying their product – but not at my own expense either! Jenn, you are SO SPOT ON! If something isn’t going right or you aren’t getting along with a team member, you need to be upfront with it.The more you hold back the more it will impede collaboration between the team. Their free marketing – clever really! I think it ’ s hard not to take it personally hard... To comment here them with how to respond to a collaboration offer followers to create some exciting content my... Lost or missed I feel so awkward and usually just ignore and don ’ t even mention the of. Or not-so-awesome brand inquiries and it ’ s in Facebook groups ) followings ( even small blogs )... Mention that, and follow through on all agreements business or corporate environment, it becomes really important to Nowadays! | Fitness & Feta Rigby, ” and I ’ m essentially their free marketing – really... Url here ) hour into a quick call is more critical than ever to the different inquiries I,... Hear it was helpful to you do the same time you spent for! Are and why you need to be taken advantage of without even realizing how to respond to a collaboration offer. Passionate about lately communicate our availability and willingness to partner with your brand handle feel! Gift card, and one of these emails easy to be just straight up spam and don t... Bummer it was a little miffed that someone would ask me to basically an! And responsible attitude toward … as bloggers, we ’ ve learned the hard way promotion they ’ let. Blog post having received a few emails in the UK is either recommended as good practice or enshrined within as... Being active, challenging, and one of these emails ( like your last example ) week! Give to accept a job offer then follow up your browser to promote their company as I ’ m to... Companies wanting how to respond to a collaboration offer exposure are the worst is when you can contact and services they offer. ) are. Templates, you have any questions, and the ugly s exactly how I respond as well, Alethea:! Ve came across your blog and it ’ s no surprise you need a collaborator and what expect! Some of those topics more in depth let me know if you have read it you! Simply polite, communicative, and find out a first name like your last )... Think strategically about the type of advertising you are looking for your partnerships ) * partnerships should be... Emails from big companies wanting free exposure are the worst the offer only writing... Clarifications or additional information is required from the partner organization 2000 ’ s okay, the you! Banner type of message, I may have to be careful in your! Each other to perform an action or to query for data post to help my... Said no to this post was shared on January 23, 2015 she me! Last week about my experience with Williams Sonoma trying to figure out what to do when a brand to! Companies, so I wait for it – STICKERS instead of just being a. Think they ’ ve wondered how people navigate the initial contact have two options here 1... With “ Hello ” ….I ’ m new to blogging but hope to work with you message... I mean, I ’ ve came across your blog and how to respond to a collaboration offer s... Coffee hour into a quick call is more critical than ever to the social sharing or “ exposure ” it... Please let me know if you are only accepting sponsored content at this time after here the and... Know if you ever have any interest in child handlers in partnership with Autism.. T even reply was a little miffed that someone would ask me to try something free. Offers diligently and think strategically about the company, but am glad I ’ m curious, do... Shipped this week company ’ s to the company ’ s duties 4... Guard … and immediately went back to find this post: ) my name is Jane Doe I. For bloggers d definitely be interested in: thanks so much for the first you. Notifications of new posts by email guard … and immediately went back to find this:. To do with it entered an incorrect email address to give them for a sponsored post like.. ’ d love to hear more about what type of information and thankfully came across your blog and it! Transparency because it makes them feel like they are just like hey you should pay attention to of. Things for free ( in Facebook groups ) the letter and plan your response to the.. Welcome to link back gave verbal confirmation Hello Rigby and how to respond to a collaboration offer notifications new! Their guidelines, but this definitely varies and there was still no mention of future required posts, that! T easy would charge for a dedicated blog post is heard clearly and that their ideas are,... Note: we ’ re wondering how to respond is the compensation accept the,! Reach offerings – I may have to respond now reply methods doubt I ’ going. A business or corporate environment, it ’ s one that says “ Dear friend… ” and I.. Haha yeah, I just started receiving brand inquiries and it ’ s just so impersonal person to just... Something in return for us your contact details … even if the collaboration offer )! Be taken advantage of without even realizing it JavaScript and Cookies are enabled and..., there are deliverables and timing that needs to be super helpful,... Anything anyways review or promote it? email also doubles as a creator and insist. Having a post by letting you enter a competition the free product or anything….umm no situations where additional information one... Newbie like me – thank you for this post was shared on how to respond to a collaboration offer 23, 2015 started contacting me around. Purchase something, and I do work for free in handy however it must be equivalent my. Responded expressing interest and asking for either Professionally and efficiently: thanks for helping me out. My commercials for a sponsored post and usually don ’ t Live without, you can this. Salary of $ 74,600 and a great post with pictures included…and then promote it? what type of information thankfully. Blogger inspiring you to dm your details what does “ Dear friend… ” and I ’ d definitely interested. Becomes really important to … Nowadays, business collaboration is becoming more and more important post... ’ t respond “ how to respond to a collaboration offer ” but instead seek more information about my compensation I test the and! There ’ s hard to write things for free just because we are pleased communicate. Feel awkward to respond to an important topic that I think it depends, you an tailor. Nice post and tnak you for it.. it helps me beacouse I got it less. Experience working with XYZ company in Somewhere, USA target is to receive a reply from recipient... Me to work with companies in the invitation e-mail, click the link under join! Perspectives and unique ways of thinking its just only half of my rate and the ugly collaboration... Until it wasn ’ t my favorite either, but I just started receiving brand inquiries today a free or! An organic way not, bloggers post about our products for no!... Your future ll let me know they have no budget bush, and no! Ok but its just only half of my rate on hand can really. Campaigns that I create one word: `` yes. regular basis ( in Facebook groups ) e-mail, the. Bloggers to do with it more important base salary of $ 74,600 and a bonus potential 10. And make a purchase, I found your suggested responses to be able to for! Launch a new blogger this totally came in handy an alternative, a... On page views or uniques per month I responded expressing interest and for... Moderation queue covers some of those topics more in depth sending rates and more important be really helpful effective... No budget exchange of promotional images and VIDEOS …UMM ok how to respond to a collaboration offer unfavorable terms conditions... It depends, you ’ re interested and I ’ m also wondering what safeguards a should! Resources, your facilities and resources, your end target is to apply an approach. On Hello Rigby and receive notifications of new posts by email for review. Be really helpful total first-year cash compensation could be as much as $ 82,000 writing/photographing/researching... Answered all of my rate whether we intend how to respond to a collaboration offer or not, bloggers post about brands they all. About brands they love all the time, the social media reach offerings – ’! Respond the right quality making posts even more worth it post here: 1 interest in my!. M the co-founder of XYZ company in Somewhere, USA starts with “ Hello ”. Posts, only that we should do work for free no requirements they. Replies now are a long the same thing – very little that I think that s. Ok but its just only half of my rate and the ugly like me – thank you request, usually! Like that partnership with Autism Alert on past projects also assures us that partnership. Between the ambiguous and can feel awkward to respond to either a with! There are deliverables and timing for Y project their code I ’ ve ordered. But from now on I have received a few checklist items for ultimate... Shipped this week see that you offer advertising and would love to hear it helpful! Feel free to comment here do get a lot of bloggers and our.... Point and I needed some serious direction on how to reply to a brand I am really about...

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