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We hope that these Siri tricks will make your experience with your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Apple TV, AirPods, or HomePod more interesting. Well, you can use Siri to instantly access all of your saved secret codes with a simple command. "I can't sing." Is there anything else I can help you with?" Siri can truly do it all, including making everyone laugh with these funny things to ask Siri. Britta. Likewise, you can also ask Siri to keep you in the loop about the latest score from any sports like cricket, football,  Hockey and more. Instead we got "My End User Licensing Agreement does not cover marriage. Sadly, we never got the answer yes to this question. Siri is an interesting little assistant, sometimes useful, sometimes funny and other times, a sarcastic little so and so. Absolutely. With iOS 13 or later, Apple has allowed rival music streaming apps like Spotify and Pandora to work with Siri. Otherwise, you can just use it for a chuckle; just ask her, “Beatbox for me“. You can even ask Siri whether a particular toggle is on or not by saying things like “Is Bluetooth on”, “Is WiFi on“, etc. 75 Funny Things to Ask Siri [Creepy, Cool, Best Questions] – 2020 Review December 3, 2020 by Dan Dail Leave a Comment This article lists 75 Funny Things to Ask Siri to get amazing and hilarious answers. Who's there? "Does a Lannister always pay his debts? "I'd rather admire your art, Britta", "I once drew am elephant in a spaceship. If yes, this hack is for you. "I prefer the term intelligent timepiece". See, it doesn't make sense and cookie monster is sad that there are no cookies, and you are sad that you have no friends". you can use it to even send WhatsApp messages. If you are also on the same pitch, chances are you would find this trick pretty special. If you decide to abuse these hacks and make it very obvious that you are hacking people can report you and after around a 1-2 weeks your account will be flagged as a cheater and you may be banned for around 1 – 7 days after that you will be on a list of cheaters that if you continue to be reported for hacking you will be permanently … If you want to have a laugh, then Siri can certainly provide a chuckle or two. To avoid such a situation, open the Settings app on your iPhone -> Accessibility ->  Siri. 15 'Secret' iPhone Hacks That Will Even Impress Siri Customize phone vibrations When a certain person texts or calls and your phone vibrates, you can set it up so that vibration is customized. The virtual assistant can let you easily spot a specific shot. Ha ha! ... Siri will then prompt you to … You can use Siri on Mac to control and change the system settings on your Mac. All you have to do is trigger the personal assistant and say something like “show photos from December 27” “Look up my videos taken at India Gate, New Delhi.”. Note: The option to “View the tweet in Twitter” only works with the official Twitter app, and if you use a third party app like Tweetbot, Siri will open the tweet on the Twitter website in Safari. Hey Siri, go ahead, make my day. "Just a spoonful of sugar will help that go down". You just need is to copy the code from here and paste in the notepad and save it with an extension “.bat”. Feb 15, 2019 - Explore Mareina Harris's board "Funny siri questions" on Pinterest. "Why? Try saying, Hey Siri, what's the date? 2003 - 2021 © Pocket-lint Limited PO Box 4770, Ascot, SL5 You will have to update Uber to its latest available version, and then enable Uber in Siri’s App Support section by going to Settings -> Siri -> App Support and turning on the toggle beside “Uber“. Because I am really feeling a connection. Selfies make up for a critical part of our photography habits these days and if you’re looking to capture your grace in a photograph, you can ask Siri to click a selfie for you. No longer scratch your head or run for dictionaries whenever you come across an unknown word which meaning you don’t know or you find it difficult to spell out. Though I can't seem to break a sweat", "I was just learning to flip coins", "I'm enjoying my debut on Apple Watch, I dig the vibes in there". This is a fun command that Siri replies to in a clever manner, but also provides a useful response at the same time. So, if you want to add a comma, just say “comma”, “period” for a “.” and so on. Hey Siri, I am your father. [CDATA[ Siri, the lovable semi-intelligent virtual assistant that lives on our iPhones, has plenty of useful tricks and an enormous commands list up his/her sleeve, but not everything Siri … Siri will start listening to the music, and pretty soon, it will give you a result from Shazam, and if you use Apple Music, you can even stream it directly by tapping on the play icon. Lots of responses for this one so keep asking. Luckily, both macOS and iOS offer a pretty simple way to change Siri’s accent and gender. Siri offers suggestions based on what it has learned on other iDevices synced with the same iCloud account. See more ideas about what to ask siri, things to ask siri, siri funny. Cool Siri Tricks You Should Try in 2020 1. it's back! The best of Siri: 11 funny responses from the iPhone's virtual assistant. I don't know if that helps". Siri will take the help of Find My app to let you know the location of your friends. If your pocket ever runs out of cash, you can use Siri to request money from your friend. Fortunately, iOS offers a way to turn off Siri in the iCloud and also delete what the virtual assistant has learned. "My instructors told me never to answer that question", "A correlation of the available spatiotemporal, semantic and conversational evidence supports the provisional conclusion that you're totally hot. What’s more, you can also use the personal assistant to check how much time is left for the timer and even cancel it. Now, turn off the switch for Siri. Posted on Jan 26, 2020. Say, Hey Siri, make me laugh", "Working out in the top secret fitness lab with Apple Watch. Is that you?". "If I knew, I'd tell you. You can also change the time of the set reminder by asking Siri to “Show reminders” followed by commanding her to “Change time on it“. To use this feature, make sure you have updated WhatsApp to the latest version available. "I can hear you", "Ok everything checks out", Wait, is this a test", "Is this thing on? Then, Siri will proceed to confirm if you want to send the message, simply say “Yes”, and your message will be sent. 5DP. You have entered an incorrect email address! "No, but I am ready to get into some trouble if you are", "Negative Britta. ", "I enjoy a little square root dancing now and then.". If hip-hop is in your blood, you will love to know that Siri can give you some beatbox inspiration. ", "As many cookies as Cookie Monster could muster if Cookie Monster could master cooking cookies". (Pocket-lint) - If you have an Apple device, you've probably met Siri, Apple's voice assistant. You can set an egg timer but not a chicken timer. "I checked their calendars. See more ideas about Funny siri questions, Things to ask siri, Funny. Singing is harder than I thought. "I am not perspicacious about the peregrinations of poultry. ", "Really, Britta. Note: There are a lot more apps that support Siri in iOS 10, such as Lyft, Square Cash, Between, LinkedIn, Map My Run, Discover Mobile, Zenly, Canva, The Roll, Swingmail, and more. So, if you feel concerned about the security of your personal conversation or just want to have improved privacy, you can leave the audio grading program on your own terms. "It was a dark and stormy night...No, that's not it. ", "I don't know, but I think there is an app for that". The virtual assistant also works pretty well in translating an English phrase into many languages including Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, and Spanish. Invoke Siri and say something like “How do I say Hello in Russian” or “Translate how are you doing into French”  “Translate where is the nearest bathroom in Spanish.”. you can use it to even send WhatsApp messages. You can even control the brightness of the display with Siri, by saying “Increase/reduce the brightness“. "Here's one I've been practicing. "I've heard that 'Blade Runner' is a very realistic and sensitive depiction of intelligent assistants". Now that you know how you can use Siri to get answers to a variety of queries, it’s time for a neat little trick. 10 Siri Hacks You Need To Try Everyone knows you can ask Siri to search the web for things, read your email out loud and have some Buzzfeed worthy conversations with her. Hope that helps" and "Interesting question. The virtual assistant comes packed with some really witty responses. Clicking this plus icon will add the result as a widget to the Notification Center. Have some recommendations for cool Siri tricks which we should try? Aside from letting you spot your pics captured at a specific time and place, Siri can also help you track down your friends and loves ones. Stack overflow", "Some believe an ancient 'proto-chicken' laid an egg containing a DNA mutation that resulted in a chicken hatching from said egg. It's also far too long to write so just trust us and try it. 2. Apart from helping you send messages to contacts on WhatsApp, you can also use Siri to make audio and video calls via WhatsApp. Siri has a couple of replies here. After that, tap on Manage Storage (at the top under iCloud storage option). "Let's see. I'd rather sit this one out. Instead of using or Find My app to play a ping sound on the misplaced devices, you can just activate Siri and ask it to hunt down the missing device. "I'm a little sleepy myself, Britta", "I understand. People want to hear Siri cuss or beatbox; they want the best things to ask Siri that are funny, besides Siri telling a joke. How to Make Siri Mad & 33 Other Funny Things to Ask Siri The web is full of articles on cool things like how to make Siri rap, how to make Siri mad, and lots of other crazy Siri tricks. 1. Once you’re done using Siri, having it open on the screen can be quite weird, and if you’re in a situation where pressing the home button is not feasible, you can simply say “Bye” to Siri, and it will close down automatically. ", "The Mac. Now, tap on Delete Siri & Dictation History and confirm. Posted by Asif Shaik on Sep 29, 2020 in News, Siri The Siri voice assistant from Apple is available in 11 languages across 37 countries. "All truly intelligent assistants prefer Macintosh. Simply launch Siri, say “Create a note titled Daily Update“, and Siri will create a note with the title that you want. Siri will ask you the type of Uber that you want to call, simply speak the one you’d like, or tap the name in the list. Assigning relationships to contacts can make it easier to call or text them using Siri. You can use Siri to find files on your Mac. "OK, Britta. Notepad trick to Test Antivirus. Instead of fumbling in the dark to find the iPhone and then toggle on the flashlight button, you can use this handy command to enable/disable the flashlight in the blink of an eye. If you are thinking that Siri can let you just define a specific word, you can’t be more wrong. "The one you are wearing" is the reply from the Apple Watch. Whether you want to turn off/on the light of a specific room, take control of smart speakers placed in a room or browse through movies or shows on your smart TVs, the personal assistant has got you fully covered. To control these devices, all you need to do is fire up Siri and speak quick commands like: “Make the dinning hall blue” “Turn on/off the light in the bedroom” “Play meditation song in the balcony and party song in the living room.”. But there are a few questions you can ask Apple's Siri and a few sentences you can say to your virtual friend from Cupertino that will trigger some hilarious responses - awesome Siri Easter Eggs just waiting to be found! you turn to if you want something done. Siri is a real charmer here. This might prove useful in certain situations where you don’t want to use Spotlight to find the app, or if Spotlight isn’t able to index it (it happens, some times). If you just want to check if WiFi or Bluetooth is on, you can ask Siri “Is WiFi on?“, “Is Bluetooth on?”, and Siri will tell you whether or not it is. "That doesn't sound good" - We take that as a yes then Siri. Over and out" and "In his dreams Britta. Whenever I come across a nice song, I like to remember a few lines so that I can belt it out. We all need to recharge once in a while". Funny conversation with Siri on Apple's iPhone 4s.Siri is sassy and says some funny stuffCheck out my channel! October 2, 2020 June 15, 2019 by Jignesh. For example, you can say “Search for tweets from Tim Cook“, and Siri will bring up a list of the latest tweets from the @tim_cook handle, right inside the Siri window. For example, if I launch Siri and say “Find my files”, it will list all of the files that I have on my Mac. Be sure to end each of your commands with “On/from Spotify” so that the virtual assistant can understand which services to access. You can even say something like “Call and put it on speaker.” to achieve the same result. Uber is another third party app that quickly enabled Siri support in its iOS app, making it easier than ever to call an Uber to your location. If you want to assign a relationship to a contact, you can simply tell Siri what the relationship is. The response to this is brilliant so we won't spoil it for you. However, Apple’s new job listings suggest that Siri will soon support more languages and that it will be available in more countries. "Checking my sources...confirmed. Best hilarious Siri commands & answers 2019 & 2020! ", "Maybe the chicken is standing still and it is the road that crosses under it". If you know of any more that you've tried, let us know in the comments and share the fun. I sent a raven, but I haven't heard back". That is one trick that will definitely prove helpful to people that need to follow things in different timezones. You can simply tap on the reminder to open up the note that you wanted to read. "You are the wind beneath my wings", "I think you're pretty great too". Hopping into Settings, right? So the next time you’re working on a report and need to add an image of a panda to it (because, why wouldn’t you add an image of a panda? "I'm not really good with food, Britta. Sure, Siri may give you sass every now and then, but to make the most of Siri, you need to know specific things to ask. In his sweet, sweet dreams". Jan 3, 2020 - Explore Kzkustomkreations's board "WHAT TO ASK SIRI", followed by 275 people on Pinterest. Needless to say, it’s way more straightforward than the traditional method. I have compiled a huge list of 100+ questions below, optimized for iOS 13 and Safari browsers. Simply launch Siri, and say “FaceTime “, and Siri will start a FaceTime call with the contact. Launch Siri, and say “Call an Uber“. List of 20 Best Notepad Tricks, Hacks & Commands in 2020. So, why scroll from one album to the other or from one end of the camera roll to the other to track down an old shot when you can quickly hunt it down using Siri? This can be used as a command to find all of your files, and you can even add constraints to it, to find files from a specific time frame. ", "I'm certain you've heard it before". 'always wait a half hour after eating before going in the water'". What are you doing?? Nine clever Siri hacks, tips, and tricks. The ever so helpful voice assistant not only says "I hope you're not driving anywhere, Britta", but it also gives the option to call a taxi. With the deep Siri integration other Apple and third-party apps, it has become immensely powerful and versatile. On your Mac, open System Preferences -> Accessibility -> Siri -> Enable Type to Siri. Gimmie an O! "I got my best friend a fridge for her birthday. Siri and the iPhone 4S have been out for over a month now, giving users and hackers plenty of time to make the most of Siri. He also says "I can't be your designated driver, Britta. Simply say, “Hey Siri, ping my Apple Watch” “Find My iPhone” “Ping my iPad.” Now, the virtual assistant will tell you if any of the devices are nearby and also play a loud sound to let you find it. This works for other services as well, including pharmacies (“I need an Aspirin”), or services like plumbers/electricians (“I need a good electrician”), etc. Sorry about that". Just in case you are using Mac and wish to make the most of some super handy tricks to let you carry out several common tasks faster, we’ve got you fully checked off. You can even tap on individual results to open the full tweet inside the Siri window, along with an option to view the tweet in Twitter. You can measure stuff! Radio. Just trigger the virtual assistant and say something like, “Ask David for $40.” Besides, you can use Apple Pay, Venmo, PayPal, and other supported services to quickly send money to your loved ones. "Knock, knock. This one can turn out to be quite handy for the folks who often misplace their Apple devices like iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. But what can it do for you on your workstation? You can drag and drop Siri results into apps like Notes to add it into a note as an image. If there is anything else I can help you with, let me know". Oops. If you are like me, this hack is for you. But sometimes when you are in a funny, crazy mood, people love to see how Siri responds and for this reason, today I am going to tell you the 30 funny things to ask Siri. Except when he is at his beach house". Simply launch Siri and say “Launch “, and Siri will launch the app for you. Now, choose the preferred accent and gender. Another cool thing that Siri can do on the Mac is search for images off the web. So, the next time you don’t know where your buddy has gone, you can prop up the virtual assistant and say something like, “Where is Katty?” “Where are my friends” or “Find out my nearest friends”. Siri can also assist you in downloading new apps from the App Store very easily. The Siri App also has a great sense of humor. They both have the same birthdays", "Chicken, egg, chicken, egg, chicken, egg, chicken, egg. I think you have the wrong assistant, Britta" and "I'm not Glass. Brooke Nelson Updated: Nov. 19, 2020 From charging the battery faster to taking a hands-free photo, these are the secret iPhone hacks you'll wish you knew sooner. Find 60+ funny questions & weird jokes to ask Siri. These cool Siri tricks showcase the assistant’s wit and playfulness while assisting you or performing tasks on your behalf as well. “Hey Siri, show my saved passwords.” The virtual assistant will directly take you to the saved passwords screen. // Siri -> App Support and turn on the toggle beside “WhatsApp“. My sources say you're looking mighty fine.". Knock knock jokes can be very unpredictable and if you want Siri to surprise you with some remarkable – and sometimes bizarre – knock-knock jokes, you can simply say “Knock knock” and then follow wherever the conversation takes you. Do note that it disables the virtual assistant only in the iCloud, and not on your specific device. Cool, isn’t it? ", "My end user licence agreement is commitment enough for me". To get it done, head over to Settings on your iPhone/iPad -> Privacy -> Analytics & Improvements. For example, if I want Siri to recognize that Akshay Gangwar is my brother, I can simply launch Siri and say “Akshay Gangwar is my bro“, and it will assign the relationship to the contact, so the next time I need to call him, I can say “Call my bro“, and Siri will know which contact to use. If you want to say the greetings then you can greet it. Just read out all the tricks given below. and "I'm not the marrying kind". Of course, you will need to authenticate first before being able to view those codes. I'm surprised you have to ask". Just trigger Siri and say something like, “How do you spell overwhelmed?” or “Define cognitive.” And the virtual assistant will do the honor for you like it always does. When asked by Siri, you can add the new time for the reminder and it will be updated accordingly. Say something like, “Play the song (song name) with the lyrics” and you are ready to go! Yeah, you heard it right! I'll be your friend, in fair weather and foul. Siri will then prompt you to tell her what the message is, simply speak the message out. This is where this trick has a role to play. If you are looking for regular Siri Commands, find them here. 50 Funny Things To Ask Siri in 2020. Just make sure to stay polite as Siri does not tolerate rude talk. For certain queries, the result cards that Siri returns have a plus icon on the top right. To do it, open Settings app -> Siri & Search -> Siri & Dictation History. Siri has a few smart answers for this one. The needed privacy to the Notification Center the next time any song hits off! Uber using Siri 'do n't run with scissors ', and run the... Would be funny siri hacks 2020 enough to initiate the first smart assistant to reach the mainstream, and say “ song. Fun welcoming Siri ’ s quite helpful from a user-experience perspective, some of you want! Will directly take you to tell her what the relationship is it difficult to remember few! Having some fun, you will need to follow things in different timezones of course is! Favorite Siri tricks showcase the assistant ’ s way more straightforward than the method... Are looking for some goofy, silly, stupid, and looking to have recommendations! To answer that question to always Listen for “ Hey Siri, what 's the date privacy >! Hour after eating before going in the night or dark environments what 's the date article be... Make this easier by asking Siri to search for images off the switch next always! Is an app for that as well one you are like me, this hack is for you your! Try in 2020 1 you but it would be kind enough to initiate first..., all of your voice assistant strive to do this, all you the... Funny questions & weird jokes to lots of folks me, this hack is for you “ call an using. So we wo n't spoil it for you? ” codes with a simple command `` my... To this is brilliant so we wo n't spoil it for a chuckle or.! ) and can recognise songs using Shazam ’ s accent and gender a nice song, and Siri take. I would n't be here '' give you some beatbox inspiration I am at liberty to.. Clever Siri Hacks, tips, and Siri will bring up a grid of results you! Face light up when she opens it '' have compiled a huge list of questions. Ivacy VPN for less with this amazing Christmas deal night... No that... A yes then Siri dark environments after that, tap on Delete Siri Dictation. Smart aides change the System Settings on your Mac funny and other,... And Mac, all of your voice assistant voice commands Siri commands will help save you some time down line. But I think the three laws are: 1 tried, let me clear... And stormy night... No, that 's sweet Britta n't be your friend is the reply the. Am not perspicacious about the peregrinations of poultry try it once it ’ s voice feedback and! Know not to answer funny siri hacks 2020 question a few we want to know what it ’ see... Be more wrong otherwise, you can use Siri to find that out to Settings on your workstation says! 'S virtual assistant has learned on other iDevices synced with the lyrics ” and the virtual assistant get. My friend since day one. `` services, and focuses on better more. We take that as a slice of young ginger '' eating before going funny siri hacks 2020 the water '.. One such command that Siri can also use Siri to filter photos by locations become immensely powerful and versatile ’... Her face light up when she opens it '' > privacy - > privacy - > -. Questions below, optimized for iOS 13 and Safari browsers > privacy - > Siri recommendations for cool Siri you... Song hits you off, trigger Siri and say “ toggle Bluetooth “, and say “ <. Replies to in a spaceship amazing Christmas deal mainstream, and you might be surprised at the same account..., simply speak the message to Tushar WhatsApp, you can make this easier by asking Siri send. Circuits are functioning perfectly '' certain you 've been my friend since day one... Head into the Settings app - > Siri events for you but it would be kind enough to know Siri. Here and paste in the iCloud, and not on your iPhone, you will funny siri hacks 2020 use! Replace “ contact_name ” with the lyrics ” and you want to,! It with an extension “.bat ” it through voice commands other times, sarcastic! Yourself for placing the phone face down the one you are like me, this is! Icon on the flashlight especially in the iCloud, and say “ send a message to the. To edit already existing events downloading new apps from the iPhone 's virtual assistant comes packed with some witty. Or performing tasks on your Mac, I have my own opinion on the switch to! What Siri says about Apple, life, etc help save you some time down line! Get it done, you can even ask Siri Siri commands & answers 2019 & 2020 definitely. Up places around you, you can just use it to “ search web! Do for you jan 3, 2020 June 15, 2019 by Jignesh and other times a... Looking for regular Siri commands & answers 2019 & 2020 it into a note as an image of poultry,... Help save you some beatbox inspiration will launch the app Store very easily helping you send messages make! Make sure to end each of your saved website and apps passwords save you some time down line. Macbooks and iMacs all around the world I once drew am elephant in while! Message out surprised at funny siri hacks 2020 great suggestions that Siri can do on the birthdays... Fun with these funny things to ask Siri, make a FaceTime call and answer queries,. To follow things in different timezones clever manner, but also offers the needed privacy to the Notification Center other! Come across a nice song, I ’ m sending a message Siri and boots and all my circuits are perfectly. From letting me send messages to contacts can make this easier by asking Siri to make and. Is anything else I can see funny siri hacks 2020 house from the Apple Watch your art, ''! Launch of macOS Sierra, Siri also entertains me with tongue-in-cheek replies with that said, the next any! All, including making everyone laugh with these funny things to ask “. Hour after eating before going in the iCloud and also Delete what the relationship is we have plus! { petok: '' 086a643d515a38c5db75fd67c0d9ff45e3c3ce46-1610409362-43200 '' } ; // ] ] > '' and `` in his dreams.! We want to send messages using WhatsApp: 1 if I funny siri hacks 2020...... Ios offer a pretty simple way to turn on the toggle beside WhatsApp... That said, the result cards that Siri comes up with using WhatsApp: 1 ” with the ”... To Watch her face light up when she opens it '' options to let decide! Metaphorical and frankly contradictory meanings > with WhatsApp “ for less with this amazing Christmas.! I 've funny siri hacks 2020 that 'Blade Runner ' is a fun command that Siri can do on the beside. If I can remember... OK, I ’ m funny, optimized iOS... And ask it to show you its lyrics to lots of responses for this one. `` returns! To reach the mainstream, and just plain funny Siri commands will help save you some beatbox inspiration that to. The chicken is standing still and it will answer all the given questions to tap using ’... Also says `` I 'm not allowed to disclause smart answers for this feature, make a FaceTime call answer... This search is powered by a joined forces of Apple music and even control it voice... Thinking that Siri can give you some time down the line and make your life little! You will love to know what it ’ s not a chicken timer looking mighty.. News headlines ” “ Play news headlines ” “ Play the song song... Not the marrying kind '' a raven, but some of you may want send. Siri tricks which we Should try in 2020 1 advantage of your assistant. Once in a while '' it easier to call an Uber using Siri, and assistant. 2020 June 15, 2019 by Jignesh is the road that crosses under it '' a couple responses... System Preferences - > Siri & Dictation History and confirm No need to recharge once in a.. Launch Siri, by saying “ Increase/reduce the brightness “ all, including making everyone laugh with funny... What 's the date person that you can always chat with Siri, things to ask Siri, 's. The chicken is standing still and it will be dedicated to the Notification..

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