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is trex transcend worth it

While housing has cooled lately, lower mortgage rates and a reduction in many listing prices—which had gotten ahead of themselves in some areas—has improved sales prospects. I recently had a two tiered deck built with Trex ‘Transcend’ and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Trex Transcend composite decking is made from a blend of plastic and timber fibers to create a sturdy core. Enhance' wood grain pattern is unique and more pronounced and Transcends is highly defined, both are 1" in thickness. Select has a subtle wood grain and is 7/8" in thickness. The wood grain helps hide possible scratches and from what I … Unfortunately, Trex at the outset had quality-control issues with its manufacturing. Now to see if it will truly stand the test of time as my pool surround. Annual revenue grew at a 13% rate and EBITDA at 25%, with gross margins climbing by some 8 percentage points to 43%. Ipe is a little less expensive than the better known composites. Is Trex decking worth the money? After canning the top executives, he brought in Jim Cline from Harsco to be Trex’s new chief financial officer. In fact, Trex prides itself on never having had to cut down a tree – ever. Trex has a hard time denying the warranty if your contractor follows the proper … Sometimes it means taking a chance on an unloved but worthy stock. You’ll pay more for the installation going with a pro, but it is worth it. “Our production rates have come up to planned levels and associated operating inefficiencies have been reduced dramatically,” CEO Cline told analysts in the company's late-April earnings call. But, since I have a trex deck now that most be cleaned anyway, does anyone know if there is really a difference? We know a deck is never just a deck. Also, when I was vacationing in Jamaica they were ripping up their composite decking and replacing it with was right on the beach so I assumed it was the salt that had ravaged it ( it looked awful) but of course I can't be certain. Trex Decking Cost. And it's pure Trex, featuring decking boards that won't rot, warp, crack or splinter. This made a huge difference and their product became the quality standard to strive for. For those of you who like to keep it green, Trex Enhance and Transcend decks are made of 95% recycled material. Transcend products are the highest performance composite decking and railing offered by Trex. Regarding these two products, we were told that the deeper grain in the Transcend would be more difficult to clean moss out of. In our experience, Trex Transcend is the most durable product on the market. In 2015, Cline succeeded Kaplan as CEO; Kaplan remains as board chairman. Trex was using recycle content for their plastic element of their product, back then it was the only composite decking, we did a lot of experimenting with finding the right fasteners, etc. Trex decking isn’t susceptible to rot, mold, termites, carpenter ants or even the weather elements that decrease the lifespan of wood. It had wood joists that deteriorated and the Trex held water. Trex Transcend, well, transcends other decking materials by offering a benefit unmatched by wood, composites, and PVC decking - a guaranteed stain and fade resistant finish. Since I read the above complaint I will also pursue a resolution. Trex Transcend Product Questions What is Trex Transcend? That's been the business model for deck-maker Trex a long time, and the company has been very successful over the past 10 years after pulling off an epic turnaround. The Unexpected Evidence That Lowering Your Risk Actually Improves Your Investment Returns. Now that’s tough. It doesn't really destroy sawblades per se. I have read a lot of negative reviews of Trex. And as you can see, any type of Trex decking resists stains and mold and comes with a 25-year warranty. Trex decking costs $1,600 to $9,600, averaging about $4,800.That’s $5 to $12 per square foot for just decking boards and $5 to $15 per square foot for installation. Principia Consulting, which specializes in building materials, calculates that synthetic wood has a financial growth rate double that of all-tree lumber. I’m actually surprised you got quotes with trex being more expensive. I am considering spraying on a "mold preventer" to reduce the number of cleanings I have to do. Trex has a more natural appeal. It's all about how to be a smart investor. fir beams . Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Sometimes that involves steering clear of bad if enticing investment ideas. As expected, Transcend decking is available in many colors and finishes, including tropical colors. Limited edition colours tend to cost more. Then Trex Transcend is the product for you. Helping me are some of the wisest financial advisors in the U.S., who I interview. Please keep me posted! From that time through the late 90's the composite industry had a lot of trail and error and consumers had a lot of ugly composite decks, and a lot of poor installations from contractors who just don't read directions. Change the size or shape of your deck. By Trex’s estimates, for a 16- by 20-foot deck, the materials outlay for its Transcend line are $2,714, almost five times that of regular wood ($577). Turns out that composite wood is a great invention, which taps into the burgeoning American desire for outdoor living, spending time in the backyard with all the comforts of indoors. Should You Use Composite Timber in Your Landscape? Trex is one of those niche companies that has been on the scene for a while and dominates its field. To Trex credit their product is much better than is was, now it doesn't even swell or discolor like it used too, I just wouldn't go there, TimberTech is a superior company that stands behind their product. In 2004 I did my research and selected TimberTech as my decking of choice and have hundreds of thousand of feet installed with no issues. Good luck, I hope whatever you choose turns out nicely! I started working with Trex back in 1994 when Trex was owned by the Mobile Oil corporation. Here in Western Washington, moss is an issue. Get creative with a … I used to be the Money & Investing Editor at Forbes. Trex Reveal railings are made of aluminum and can be used with any of the Trex decks. Was given the option from builder between Trex Select and Transcend. But that accomplishment comes with an asterisk. Good investing ideas, often contrarian, constitute my brief, here at In 2010, Trex unveiled their Transcend range – the revitalised, stronger, and overall better composite decking range that took on all of their past experience, providing the top of their range with a product to be proud of. This is a tale of taking a good idea that had floundered in the marketplace and making that concept a force. EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, Researchers Uncover The Headlines That Should Make You Dump Your Stocks, 'Elections Have Consequences': Goldman Sachs Makes 6 Big Predictions For The Economy This Year, Wallace Weitz Further Pares Stake In Intelligent Systems, Here’s What’s Driving The Stock Market Higher, Mainland Investors’ Appetite For The “All You Can Buy” Hong Kong Stock Buffet Remains Insatiable, Crypto Market Erases $200 Billion In Market Value In 24 Hours; Regulator Warns Investors Could ‘Lose All Their Money’, Dow Falls 200 Points, Twitter Shares Sink 8%, As Market Eyes Earnings And Stimulus, Cisco Systems A Top Socially Responsible Dividend Stock With 3.2% Yield. At the top of the Trex lineup is Transcend decking, the best of the best. All three products have a protective shell on three sides that make them mold and scratch resistant and are backed by a 25 Fade and Stain Warranty. © 2021 Forbes Media LLC. However, when you put those boards together to build a deck, the result is an artificial-looking area. It’s the most high-end product the company offers. So for those of you out there with the same issues, if you haven't tried this yet, it is worth a try. Ideal for commercial or residential projects, Trex composite decking is 95% made from recycled materials such as plastic and wood waste. The structure is normally constructed of Pressure Treated 4 x 4's and 2 x 6's so the cost of the supporting structure is not a factor. See how our innovative shell technology makes Trex well worth the investment. Trex board type: Trex comes in different versions, colours and styles designed to suit a range of budgets, including Trex Select, Enhance and Transcend. This core is then encased in a synthetic shell on three sides, which protects it from the elements and offers resistance to fading, scratches, or developing mould or mildew. Founded in 1996, Trex pioneered synthetic decks—where stuff like plastic and sawdust is made into boards. Either would be the woodland brown color... We chose the select version as we could not tell much of a difference between the two besides texture and thickness and was told that both would hold up just as well and it'd save us $2500. Meaning that decks should be less impacted by a recession and its attendant real estate-buying slump than the rest of the housing realm. Like them, Trex needed a revamp to boost sales and increase its prospects. Cleaning out the pitch with blade cleaner is important too. While it is more expensive, the added benefits are surely worth it. The big change came in the early 2000's, TimberTech introduced color to their product. Sorry, that's kind of wood dork stuff but just the quickest explanation I could give. To address that price differential, Trex introduced a cheaper alternative called Enhance ($1,187). Learn the requirements, costs and other considerations for building a deck, Layer it, bump it out, wrap it around a tree. TimberTech came on board in the mid 90's and had some failures back then also, go check out there original Natural product. Trex has about half the synthetic portion, which is slowly inching up in market share. Because of snow load considerations, our contractor installed the deck joists 16 inches apart using 2×10 in. This is the product we would recommend from Trex, without a doubt. Key to that is helping you to build a solid financial future. Select has a subtle wood grain and is 7/8" in thickness. You may opt-out by. Over the past five years, as of third quarter 2018, the end of the  deck-erecting season, Trex has shown an impressive double-digit growth pace. The trex decking system is very good looking but your application will determine how well it will work for you. While it is more expensive, the added benefits are surely worth it. Some other composite or PVC materials have an extremely uniform look. Helping Trex has been a bounce back in the housing market since the Great Recession. Trex review from Winchester, ... Not worth the risk!! With the high angle more carbide comes in contact with the wood providing more friction surface and dulls them faster but intitially cuts better. The upper echelon of Trex decking is the Trex Transcend product line. Its bendable, curvable, and of the highest of quality. These are the top-of-the-line boards from Trex. Go TimberTech, you be glad you did. Back then the green movement was just getting started and a lot of search and trail and error was taking place. But only Trex composite decking is worth every penny. Trex Transcend vs Fibron Horizon: Fission: Decks & Fencing: 3: 05-02-2016 08:19 PM: Trex Transends: Brian Peters: Decks & Fencing: 28: 03-14-2016 07:38 AM: Trex Transcend stair railings - Colonial style: dutchroots: Decks & Fencing: 9: 08-15-2013 10:47 PM: Some things just transcend coolness. Also worth noting is Timbertech has a better warranty than Trex by 5 years which in some cases may counteract the very slight benefit of Trex. Trex is a composite material that has the traditional look of natural wood. Trex Elevations ® Vs. Wood. PM me and I could point you in a direction. Get the pros and cons of wood, plastic, composite and more decking materials, plus a basic price comparison, Learn about softwoods, tropical hardwoods, composites and more for decks, including pros, cons and costs, Want to increase your living space outside? TimberTech also used a formulation in their production that gave them quality control, something Trex didn't have, with Trex it was garbage in garbage out, and this lead to all the failures in my opinion. Transcend. Transcend is engineered with a proprietary shell technology that can stand up to even the harshest of elements including sun exposure and heavy snow as well as scratching, mold and mildew. I‘ve only had the premium Trex Transcend decking installed a few months ago and now regret not going with a much less expensive wood that could be … With summer in the air and the outdoors calling, with barbecues and cocktail parties dotting backyards coast to coast, the appeal of decks is great. I've also worked for Business Week, Money, the Wall Street Journal and CBS MoneyWatch. THE COST OF A TREX ® DECK: LET'S CRUNCH SOME NUMBERS. Trex Respects Mother Nature Our deck boards are made of 95% recycled materials. Trex decking has a tough, high-performance shell of composite that is resistant to stains, cracks, and rot. I had the same experience with white flecks appearing with a trex transcend deck installed in 2016 by a licensed contractor. As expected, Transcend decking is available in many colors and finishes, including tropical colors. Fuller (industrial adhesives manufacturer), Xylem (water and sewage equipment maker) and Iridium (worldwide voice and data satellite provider). Select is good, Enhance is better, and Transcend is best. The company was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Winchester, Virginia. For the Tamko, Evergrain Envision, it is a jump-ball between Shaded Auburn and Spiced Teak and of course you will get samples. Although this Trex material is more expensive than both the Select and the Enhance products, it’s well worth the money. My Houzz: An Architect's Contemporary Green Home, Master ensuite medium bathroom - before & after - need help finishing, Shall I replace two windows with a sliding door? Schluter or marble pencil for backsplash. Sometimes that involves. So in 2008, the company hired Ron Kaplan, a veteran of Harsco, an industrial services company, to be the new CEO. Also would the deeper grain help with traction or not when its it's raining or frosty? That resulted in a 15% slide in net income for the first quarter, to $31 million. The Trex brand features several different product lines. It's known for its deep wood grain in luxury colors that everyone loves. Is Trex Transcend worth? Personally, I like it instead of all the same monotone color. Not happy with this company. Now I'm fighting with them to get all my money back. It’s an extension of your home, your own personal escape back to nature. The dimensionally stable steel of Trex Elevations stays in place, giving you consistently stronger, straighter, safer and smarter decking than what wood can offer. It resists scratching far better than any of the other options. I confirmed in a web chat with Trex themselves... this was the response on the differences between the lines.. "Our products are classified as good, better, and best. With a Trex deck, you can wipe up the blemish with a wet paper towel and the surface is as good as new. Good investing ideas, often contrarian, constitute my brief, here at In 2011, I wrote a book, TAMING THE BEAST, which is excerpted on this site. People who try to cut it with low quality blades will have a hard time because they use a lower grade carbide and a high angle ATB to make up for it. Massaranduba is one of my personal favorites. Key to that is helping you to build a solid financial future. Trex Transcend-Transcend is the highest-grade of Trex decking available eight different colors, so it is easy to find a color that matches every home. Trex Transcend. The upper echelon of Trex decking is the Trex Transcend product line. Now I'm markets editor at Chief Investment Officer. Manufacturing snafus appeared in the company’s Nevada plant earlier this year, which led to a 30-day slump in production. I truly feel that Trex is worth the cost since it’s fade, stain, scratch and mold resistant. We figured we would rather use the saved $$ for something else... Did we make a mistake or will the select indeed be just fine as far as potential issues go? The good news is that the stricken plant is back in full operation. If you wanted a less expensive solution to Ipe, Massaranduba and Cumaru look similar (M is grain structure same, C is close in color) and close to as dense. So why not build them with longer-lasting material, synthetic wood that won't splinter, that's easy to clean? VEKADECK is the best deck board in the entire vinyl decking industry. So maybe some of the issues that others have had won't affect us as much since it'll be covered and screened in to protect from the elements? Look up consumer affairs and read all the horrible reviews about trex. Here’s Why You Should Go For The Ones They Hate Instead. Beyond that is the helpful fact that the bulk of deck work is done as an add-on for existing properties. feasibility/cost. Composite Decking verses Wood Decking and Why? By Trex’s estimates, for a 16- by 20-foot deck, the materials outlay for its Transcend line are $2,714, almost five times that of regular wood ($577). The last time I used Trex was 2003, three years later that deck completely failed and we were lucky to get in for a claim in while Trex still had money. Anyway if you have an opinion either way we'd appreciate it!! Spill a glass of red wine on a traditional wooden deck and you’ll have trouble getting rid of the dark smudge. It has been a publicly traded company since 1999 and trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “TREX”. The composite material is touted as superior to traditional wooden decking because it is resistant to weather, needs less maintenance and is stain-proof. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. And the stock is off its high reached last year, down a bracing $25. I was initially attracted to Trex because of the green aspect. For the Tropical collection of Timbertech Earthwood Evolutions, Pacific Walnut is the best selection for its black-brown tone (not as much red as the others). Like the Enhanced line, Transcend boards are also .94 inches thick, with a width of 5.5 inches, and come in lengths of 12’, 16’, and 20’. When you throw in maintenance, though, a natural wooden deck costs more, around twice the cost of a Transcend one. Its price tag is well worth the extra cash. Meanwhile, the economy remains strong, and so should the deck industry. We like this trex product as it appears to be the most durable composite on the market. In addition to having the best scratch resistance of the three, the Transcend line gives homeowners the most diverse style options. Add-ons: A Trex deck is more than just the flooring. As a happy consequence of all these factors, Trex stock is up 10-fold from a decade ago, to $60 per share. But Trex had the name and sold a lot of decking, which failed and created a big problem. Synthetic decks are about 17% of the deck industry, with the rest natural wood. We replaced it about 24 months ago with the Trex Transcends hidden fastener system over the powder coated metal Trex … Trex Company, Inc., also known as Trex or Trex Decking, is a major manufacturer of wood-alternative decking, railings and other outdoor items made from recycled materials. The estimated material costs for a composite deck run from £82 - £113 per square meter, that's including substructure, decking and fasteners. Trex Does Right By Homeowners “Our Trex deck is our favorite room of the house. The likely upshot for Trex investors is sunny days ahead, stretched out on the chaise, enjoying the summer warmth. As FYI, we are building in upstate SC and it will be essentially second floor deck as we have a walk out basement. Always go with TimberTech. Trex is a horrible product and rots molds and mildews since it has wood fibers inside of it. In 2006 Trex was still offering the first generation Trex Origins. Transcend has railing in the matching earth tones, Transcend is also available in tropical colors.". As analysts at Stifel Financial Advisors wrote, after the earnings call, “the overall demand picture appears to be healthy heading into the prime deck-building season, and early indications for the new Enhance products are favorable.”. Analysts Love These 4 Stocks. This is not a big concern for many of our clients, but for others, it’s a deal breaker. Trex Transcend features ultra-beautiful looks in earth tones and tropical colors. Natural decking tends to splinter over time; composites don’t. We had a 2000 product Trex deck for 16 years that didn’t wear that well, but maybe that is the expected life. An obstacle for Trex is that composites cost a lot more than natural wooden decking. They revamped the inefficient manufacturing process, overhauled the puzzling bonus system and trimmed the over-crowded inventory. A high quality blade (forrest, leitz, tenryu, etc) with a lower ATB (around 5-10 degrees) will provide a longer blade life. Another huge incentive to opt for a rebuild is the freedom to design the perfect space. Sometimes it involves finding something that will, I believe, be big some day. All three products have a protective shell on three sides that make them mold and scratch resistant and are backed by a 25 Fade and Stain Warranty. They are the best company with the best product. Debt has been whittled away to a mere 7% of capital. It's everything we imagined and more.” -Amy, Philadelphia, PA Read Testimonials. Use only a fan tip and up to a 3100 psi power washer to remove dirt and debris. Trex high-performance decking (Trex Transcend, Trex Enhance and Trex Select) can be power washed. I am also considering a composite deck and had thought about Trex but people seem to complain about mold and that the Trex customer service is awful. Here in Northern California, the Trex material cost is approx double that of redwood. Things like heartwood inclusion, and pin knots. Select is good, Enhance is better, and Transcend is best. Unparalleled Beauty. Trex Transcend Lava Rock cleans with soap and water $$$ Why Trex? Trex Transcend is the most luxurious of the Trex product line because it offers the widest range of color and design options. Select and Enhance have a class C fire rating and Transcend has a class B. Consider it for decks, fences and more, An architect in Ojai, California builds his dream family home with a bedroom rock climbing wall, built-in bunkbeds and a stunning deck, Trending Now: Step Outside With These 20 Decks, See the Difference a New Back Deck Can Make, How to Pick the Right Paving and Decking Material. At first glance, you might think that you prefer the tidy appearance. Learn More. Wood substructures split, warp and shift, leading to an uneven surface in the deck boards above. In 2017, the company expanded its offerings by buying SC, which makes synthetic wooden railing for sports stadiums (Madison Square Garden in New York is one customer, for instance). Get inspiration with these ideas for adding a deck to your yard, These improvements can enhance your deck’s look, feel and function, Get inspired for your own project or just take in the view of these recently uploaded spaces getting the love of the Houzz community, A dramatic 2-story porch becomes the centerpiece of this Ohio family’s renovated landscape, Once you’ve got the walls or fences of your garden figured out, it’s time to consider the ground surface or floors, This low-maintenance alternative to wood is made from varying amounts of recycled plastic. With Trex, you can spend less time repairing your deck and more time enjoying it. Trex Transcend is resistant to mold, mildew, fading, stains, and even scratches. Carol.. wolf is a very good product. There is what's called "b-grade" Ipe that is less expensive as well but has more natural defects. Trex vs Timbertech – Durability Durability of the cap is a major concern since that’s the area exposed to the blazing sun, frigid winter temperatures, staining, and potential scratches. For those on a budget, we recommend the Trex Select range. From the looks of things, given Trex’s solid operational track record, the production foul-up was just a hiccup. Trex Transcend - We love the tropical colors they offer and are leaning towards the tiki torch with a vintage lantern border. The company belongs to an august, if seldom-celebrated, group with members like H.B.

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