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how to become a union rep gmb

Attend meetings to discuss workplace issues relevant to you and your colleagues. This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. Depending on union rules, you may be appointed or elected. Support your colleagues to learn. Keeping you up to date and in touch on GMB issues that matter to you. E-mail: or Are you interested in getting involved or would you like to become a GMB Representative? It is difficult to claim to represent the workforce if many of the employees are not members of the union. Structural history. We represent over 620,000 working people. Being a union rep is important and rewarding but it isn't always easy. There are dozens of unions out there but not all will allow you to join because they can be industry-specific, others may not provide representation at such short notice, etc. With over 600,000 members working in thousands of workplaces across the UK, GMB ensures that every member gets a voice at work through our 10,000 army of workplace representatives. The more workplace based reps we have, the stronger the National Education Union will be. The strength of the union in negotiations depends on its strength in the workplace. Members look to their reps for knowledge, experience and guidance. This would help you to get experience and an understanding of the workings of the union at ground level. Take a look at our wide range of resources. GMB 2020, all rights reservedTerms and Conditions | Built by 89up. Two trade union representatives have been newly appointed to Labour’s national executive committee in a shake-up following the departures of GMB’s Sarah Owen and Unite the Union’s Jim Kennedy. Inexperienced members have gained the confidence and knowledge to speak up and become effective reps in their workplace. As a part-time union official (often known as a shop steward or representative), you’ll be elected by local trade union members to pass on the views of the staff to the management of your company. Each rep is the first point of contact for GMB members and potential members and vital to the union’s work. GMB Union operates nationally and also locally through 9 regional offices. Unions, government and employers know that training can help a great deal. As the representative of a labor organization to both management and the union members in the workplace, a shop steward works as a facilitator and a mediator. Join more than 600,000 people and become a GMB member today. GMB is at the forefront of the trade union movement in providing education and training for its representatives, branch officers and full time officials. Issues at Work As the recognised Trade Union, we are able to meet with you face to face, represent you at meetings and also help to present your case professionally. This guide is for union reps - understanding coronavirus and workplace issues, employer negotiations and how best protect the workforce. Ways to take an active role. 600 ambulances have been called to Amazon warehouses in three years, Fire and rehire is immoral and wrong. However, a decision of the Supreme Court in Abood v. Detroit Board of Education, 431 U.S. 209 (1977), a Foundation-supported lawsuit, makes clear that you cannot constitutionally be prevented from resigning from your union at any time. Promote by GMB Yorkshire and North Derbyshire Region, CLASS Centre for Labour and Social Studies. If you want a trade union representative coming with you to a disciplinary then you will need to become a member of one. Give you and your colleagues a voice in the union and your Organisation’s decision-making processes. Find out more about the unions' 130 year history, GMB membership offers plenty of extra benefits, GMB's structures, rules and all things Congress. We are committed to building a strong organisation in every GMB workplace to help make every workplace safer. Unite trade union works hard to ensure all workers have the right representation in their workplace, as well as making your voice heard in Government debate and decision-making.

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