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make a sentence of yield

When heated with glycerin to ioo C. it yields formic acid and carbon dioxide; above this temperature, allyl alcohol is formed. By eliminating the hydroxy groups in these acids the same nitrobenzoic acid is obtained, which yields on reduction an aminobenzoic acid different from the starting-out acid. Yield definition, to give forth or produce by a natural process or in return for cultivation: This farm yields enough fruit to meet all our needs. The term "yield," when used in cooking, refers to the number of servings that are generated by a particular recipe. As a rule, an annual yield of more than 1-2 lb of rubber per tree must not be looked for from recent plantations, although much higher yields up to 10-15 lb and over per tree are recorded from S. America, and it is therefore probable that with greater experience as to the best methods of tapping and with older trees considerably larger yields may be expected from plantations in the future. 1 0. bickley. CM 324512 You must not yield to temptation. They do not represent the opinions of Definition and synonyms of yield from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. Examples of Static in a sentence. It is apparently a tropidine monocarboxylic acid, for on exhaustive methylation it yields cycloheptatriene-I. Distilled with zinc dust morphine yields phenanthrene, pyridine and quinoline; dehydration gives, under certain conditions, apomorphine, C17H17N02, a white amorphous substance, readily soluble in alcohol, either and chloroform. When heated with calcium chlorideammonia to 200° C. it yields meta-dioxydiphenylamine (A. a little hydrochloric acid, methylene diresorcin [(HO) 2 C 6 H 3] 2 CH 2, whilst with chloral hydrate, in the presence of potassium bisulphate, it yields the lactone of tetra-oxydiphenyl methane carboxylic acid (J. When concentrated the solution is nearly black, and on heating it yields a yellow solution of potassium ferrite, oxygen being evolved. The seat was made with a soft and yielding material. If a suspension of lead dichloride in hydrochloric acid be treated with chlorine gas, a solution of lead tetrachloride is obtained; by adding ammonium chloride ammonium plumbichloride, (NH 4) 2 PbC1 6, is precipitated, which on treatment with strong sulphuric acid yields lead tetrachloride, PbC1 4, as a translucent, yellow, highly refractive liquid. Of artificial productions the most fruitful and important is provided by the destructive or dry distillation of many organic substances; familiar examples are the distillation of coal, which yields ordinary lighting gas, composed of gaseous hydrocarbons, and also coal tar, which, on subsequent fractional distillations, yields many liquid and solid hydrocarbons, all of high industrial value. The latter on reduction yields a diamino compound, the disulphonic acid of which on diazotization and coupling with a phenol, &c., gives valuable substantive cotton dyes after the type yielded by Benzidine. The acid yields, on appropriate treatment, d-mannose and d-mannite. When heated it yields mercury, cyanogen and paracyanogen. She has a gentle, yielding temperament. It may be obtained from storax by distillation with water, and synthetically by heating cinnamic acid with lime, by the action of aluminium chloride on a mixture of vinyl bromide and benzene, by removing the elements of hydrobromic acid from bromethylbenzene by means of alcoholic potash, or, best, by treating (-bromhydrocinnamic acid with soda, when it yields styrolene, carbon dioxide and hydrobromic acid. By electrolysis it yields uranium dioxide as a pyrophoric powder, and peruranic hydroxide, U04.2H20, when treated with hydrogen peroxide. how can u use the word yield in 2 sentences. When heated with aniline and its salts it yields phenylrosindulin (German patent 67339 (1888)). This wild region is in many parts impenetrable to man, and nowhere yields a passage for a modern army. I defined the support of a word square to be the size of a randomly-drawn list of n-letter words that would, on the average, However, he clarified that anthills may not be rich sources of gold dust, but could, Several research teams prepared samples of quasicrystalline materials perfect enough to, Meetings of campfire folk and glitchy electronica can sometimes, However, similar attempts with infective agents and agents with aerobiological decay rates proved to, Just one pepper wevil larva among 100 peppers could be a harbinger of serious, And still, the bad-tempered second half did not, Furthermore, the potential for sales through bankassurance agreements has yet to, Although acutely conscious of living in a 'wilderness,' they stoutheartedly refused to. Long-continued treatment with halogens may, in some cases, result in the formation of aromatic compounds; thus perchlorbenzene, C 6 C1 6, frequently appears as a product of exhaustive chlorination, while hexyl iodide, C 6 H 13 I, yields perchlorand perbrom-benzene quite readily. Although the sentences are usually referred to as mandatory minimum sentences, a defendant may avoid them under several circumstances. Adding modifiers or multiple direct objects can extend the length of the sentence. The harbour yields sprats which are in great repute. 3. Heated in a current of carbon dioxide sodamide yields caustic soda and cyanamide, and with nitrous oxide it gives sodium azoimide; it deflagrates with lead or silver nitrate and explodes with potassium chlorate. When heated with ammonia it yields guanidine, and on boiling with alcoholic potash it yields potassium carbonate. The Dene (Tinneh) province in Alaska and north-western Canada yields nothing to the spade. My IP address never alters because it is static. On passing a current of dry carbon dioxide over the reagent,- the gas is absorbed and the resulting compound, when decomposed by dilute acids, yields an organic acid, and similarly with carbon oxysulphide a thio-acid is obtained: RMgX-R CO 2 MgX?R CO 2 H; COS-CS(OMgX) R--R Csoh. Amidotetrazotic acid yields addition compounds with amines, and by the further action of nitrous acid yields a very explosive derivative, diazotetrazol, CN 3. In these regions, sugar, tobacco, indigo, cacao, rice, sweet potatoes, alfalfa, beans and cassava are produced, and Indian corn yields two and three crops a year. All Rights Reserved. The underground woody stem is astringent and yields a yellow dye. The rental properties are already yielding a profit, but the landlords would like to increase the numbers. When heated it loses water to form sodium pyrosulphate, Na 2 S 2 0 7, which on treatment with sulphuric acid yields normal sodium sulphate and sulphur trioxide. Such land is found in Palencia, and in the Mesa de Ocana, where it yields abundant crops; and many of the northern mountains are well wooded. 1. production of a certain amount 2. an amount of a product 3. the income or profit arising from such transactions as the sale of land or other property 4. the quantity of something (as a commodity) that is created (usually within a given period of time). on reduction it yields butyro-lactone, and when CO condensed with benzene in the presence of aluminium chloride it yields chiefly -y-diphenylbutyro-lactone. Answer Save. Those who argue they should not say there is no way for poor countries to compete with mechanized Western farming and the extremely high yields it produces. the yield of oranges this year was good. The heptanitroso acid is precipitated as a brown amorphous mass by dilute sulphuric acid, but if the salt be heated with strong acid it yields nitrogen, nitric oxide, sulphur, sulphuretted hydrogen, and ferric, ammonium and potassium sulphates. Acetylene is readily soluble in water, which at normal temperature and pressure takes up a little more than its own volume of the gas, and yields a solution giving a purple-red precipitate with ammoniacal cuprous chloride and a white precipitate with silver nitrate, these precipitates consisting of acetylides of the metals. The ferric and aluminium sulphates present are thus converted into insoluble basic salts, and the residue yields manganous sulphate when extracted with water. When heated with zinc dust, it yields ethylene and water. In a similar manner, formic acid and dicyanophenylhydrazine yields a phenyl-triazole carboxylic acid, in which the phenyl group may be nitrated, the nitro group reduced to the amino group, and the product oxidized to a triazole carboxylic acid, which, by elimination of carbon dioxide, yields the free triazole: HO 2 C C=N H02C C =N, NPh-> N :CH N :CH They also result when the acidylthiosemicarbazides are strongly heated, the mercapto-triazoles so formed being converted into triazoles on oxidation with hydrogen peroxide (M. Shaken with mercury and sulphuric acid, nitroglycerin yields its nitrogen as nitric oxide; the measurement of the volume of this gas is a convenient mode of estimating nitroglycerin. Traditionally, the Chinese agricultural strategy was to apply human labor intensively to the lands which would yield the greatest return. chim., 1904 [31, 31, p.1306) prepares aldehydes by the gradual addition of disubstituted formamides (dissolved in anhydrous ether) to magnesium alkyl haloids, the best yields being obtained by the use of diethyl formamide. When heated with aniline it yields phenol and acetanilide. Another way of saying this is 'the yield of project X is $X'. The carbonyl group is not ketonic in character since it yields neither an oxime nor hydrazone. Yield. By the action of alkalis it is converted into iso-eugenol, which on oxidation yields vanillin, the odorous principle of vanilla. . 1. Since the webpage is static, its content will not change. used in a sentence . The kharrub (carob) is common and yields a fruit eaten by the poorer classes. In Tirol, a single hole is made near the root of the tree in the spring; this is stopped with a plug, and the turpentine is removed by a scoop in the autumn; but each tree yields only from a few ounces to z lb by this process. This process when carefully carried out, especially as to the details of the roasting process whereby the silver sulphide is oxidized, yields 92% of the silver originally present. The acid crystallizes in hexagonal prisms and melts at 58° C. It dissolves in water and yields a hydrate of composition H 2 SeO 4 H 2 O. heated in a kiln until its carbonic acid has been driven off, it yields pure lime. Like the Forsteronia floribunda of Jamaica it yields rubber of good quality. Example Sentences for "yield" Our strawberry patch yielded at least 10 pounds of berries last summerThe oil fields of Alberta yield millions of gallons of oil each year. By gently heating in a vacuum to 140°, the hepta-hydrate loses 6 molecules of water, and yields a white powder, which on heating in the absence of air gives the anhydrous salt. Polluted water lessens crop yields. Lavoisier, to whom chemistry was primarily the chemistry of oxygen compounds, having developed the radical theory initiated by Guyton de Morveau, formulated the hypothesis that vegetable and animal substances were oxides of radicals composed of carbon and hydrogen; moreover, since simple radicals (the elements) can form more than one oxide, he attributed the same character to his hydrocarbon radicals: he considered, for instance, sugar to be a neutral oxide and oxalic acid a higher oxide of a certain radical, for, when oxidized by nitric acid, sugar yields oxalic acid. burns for about two months, and yields about 200 tons of sulphur. On warming with sodium, it yields cyanamide. Yield can also refer to the amount of usable product after it has been processed (peeled, cooked, butchered, etc.) 4 years ago. Although a simple sentence can be a single word, it can also be much longer. Knorr, by the action of ammonia on aceto-acetic ester, obtained (3-imidobutyric ester, which with nitrous acid yields a-isonitroso-(3-imidobutyric ester, CH 3 C(:NH) C(:N OH) CO 2 C 2 H 5. The constitution of methyl orange follows from the fact that on reduction by stannous chloride in hydrochloric acid solution it yields sulphanilic acid and para-aminodimethyl aniline. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Yield" in Example Sentences Page 1. The former method yields greyish, metallic-looking, microscopic crystals, the latter a grey amorphous powder. The yield to maturity may … In confinement, it becomes comparatively tame, and yields civet in considerable quantity. In order to have a complete sentence, the sentence must have a minimum of three word types: a subject, a verb, and an object. This m Examples of Longer Simple Sentences. These last are more hardy than ordinary cattle; their charactot is maintained by crossing the cows with wild bulls, and their milk yields the best ghi or clarified butter. The co-chlor compound results when, (3-phenyl-a-chlorlactic acid (from hypochlorous acid and cinnamic acid) is heated with water; it has a hyacinthine odour and yields phenylacetaldehyde when heated with water. It is especially suitable to gold containing little silver and base metals - a character of Australian gold - but it yields to the sulphuric acid and electrolytic methods in point of economy. The metallic cyanides are analogous to the alkyl isocyanides, since they form soluble double silver salts, and the fact that ethyl ferrocyanide on distillation yields ethyl isocyanide also points to their isocyanide structure. Yield definition is - to bear or bring forth as a natural product especially as a result of cultivation. Seed bacterization with fluorescent Pseudomonas for enhanced plant growth, The intensity of abnormal manifestations for suspended sediment. The President may choose to pardon the defendant or commute his sentence. It may be mere coincidence that the material in Matthew as well as in the Didache seems to be arranged in five divisions, beginning with a commendation of the right way, and ending with warnings of the judgment, while the logical analysis of James yields something similar; but of the affinity of spirit there can be no doubt. Well-burnt, well-picked clinker when ground yields good Portland cement. Prosecutors may elect not to prosecute. The state's revenue is derived from a general direct property tax, a licence tax, corporation taxes, a collateral inheritance tax, fines, forfeitures and fees; and the penitentiary yields an annual net revenue of about $40,000. Many stalks arise from a single root, and a single spike often yields 2 oz. It may be obtained by extracting powdered gall-nuts with a mixture of ether and alcohol, whereupon the tannin is taken up in the lower layer, which on separation and evaporation yields the acid. The air, as explained, is a very light, thin, elastic medium, which yields on the slightest pressure, and unless the wings attacked it with great violence the necessary recoil or resistance could not be obtained. Examples of Yield in a sentence. Formic acid yields acridine, and the higher homologues give derivatives substituted at the meso carbon atom, N N +[[Hcooh-C 6 H 5 /Inc6h5->C6h4 C6h4 Cho Ch N N +Ch 3 000h->C 6 H 5 /IC 6 H 5 --C 6 H 4 C6h4 Coch 3 C]](CH3) Acridine may also 1:e obtained by passing the vapour of phenylortho-toluidine through a red-hot tube (C. Graebe, Ber., 1884, 17, p. 1 37 0); by condensing diphenylamine with chloroform, in presence of aluminium chloride (0. . H 3 C CO NH 3 CO CH 3 H3C C - NH - C CH3 On nitration it yields chiefly meta-nitro-benzaldehyde, crystallizing in needles which melt at 58° C. The ortho-compound may be obtained by oxidizing ortho-nitrocinnamic acid with alkaline potassium permanganate in the presence of benzene; or from ortho - nitrobenzyl chloride by condensing it with aniline, oxidizing the product so obtained to ortho-nitrobenzylidine aniline, and then hydrolysing this compound with an acid (Farben fabrik d. Formic ester yields a secondary alcohol under similar conditions. An astringent medicine, called catechu or cutch, is procured from several species, but more especially from Acacia catechu, by boiling down the wood and evaporating the solution so as to get an extract. It grows with little care and yields even better than in its original home. When xylose is combined with hydrocyanic acid and the cyanide is hydrolysed, together with l-gulonic acid, a second isomeric acid, l-idonic acid, is produced, which on reduction yields the hexaldose l-idose. Heated in chlorine or with bromine, it yields carbon and calcium chloride or bromide; at a dull red heat it burns in oxygen, forming calcium carbonate, and it becomes incandescent in sulphur vapour at 500°, forming calcium sulphide and carbon disulphide. Making words from Letters and Dots. Sentence Examples. Although enormous single crops of mangels [[Table X]].--Decennial Average Yields in Great Britain of Wheat, Barley and Oats-Bushels per acre. His dissection of the eye yieldedthe distinction between cornea, retina, iris, and chorioid coat. The mother-liquor, drained from the soda-crystals, on boiling down to dryness yields a very white, but low-strength soda-ash, as the soluble impurities of the original soda-ash are nearly all collected here; it is called " mother-alkali.". The district also yields the best timber in great quantity. When warmed with baryta water it yields succinamic acid, H02C CH2 CH2 CONH21 and with alcoholic ammonia at 100° C. it gives succinamide. Yield management is when a company prices their products or services to make the most money by offering the right price at the best time. Triethyl silicol, (C2H5),Si OH, is a true alcohol, obtained by condensing zinc ethyl with silicic ester, the resulting substance of composition, (C2H5)3 SiOC2H51 with acetyl chloride yielding a chloro-compound (C2H5)3SiC1, which with aqueous ammonia yields the alcohol. The fish mostly caught are cod, haddock and herrings, while Heligoland yields lobsters, and the islands of Fhr, Amrum and Sylt oysters of good quality. Phenylpropiolic acid, C 6 H 5 C:C CO 2 H, formed by the action of alcoholic potash on cinnamic acid dibromide, C 6 H 5 CHBr CHBr CO 2 H, crystallizes in long needles or prisms which melt at 136-137° C. When heated with water to 120° C. it yields phenyl acetylene CsH b C; CH. When heated with ammonia it yields ethylamine nitrate, and when reduced with tin and hydrochloric acid it forms hydroxylamine (W. Experiments on the combustion of diamond were made by Smithson Tennant (1797) and Sir Humphry Davy (1816), with the object of proving that it is pure carbon; they showed that burnt in oxygen it yields exactly the same amount of carbon dioxide as that produced by burning the same weight of carbon. Coinage bronze consists of copper 95 parts, tin 4 parts and zinc I part, and a ton yields X44 8 in pence or £ 373, 6s. When heated above its melting-point, it yields ammonia, cyanuric acid, biuret and ammelide. 2. Land comparatively poor yields crops eight to tenfold the quantity sown; the major part of the land yields twenty to thirtyfold. This basic acid yields a monobrom derivative which, by the action of aqueous potash, gives the corresponding hydroxycyclo-butane carboxylic acid, C 4 H 6 (OH) CO 2 H. The a-acid on oxidation yields benzoic acid, whilst the 1 3-acid yields benzil in addition. ), which yields normal caprylic acid on oxidation with hypobromites. Amino-azo-benzene, C6H5 N2 C 6 H 4 NH 2, crystallizes in yellow plates or needles and melts at 126° C. Its constitution is determined by the facts that it may be prepared by reducing nitro-azo-benzene by ammonium sulphide and that by reduction with stannous chloride it yields aniline and. The ore yields about 46% of iron, and contains about 2.5% of sulphur, the roasting of the ores being necessaryore-roasting kilns are more extensively used here than in any other place in the country. This, indeed, is the practice in Ireland, and in order to incorporate the Irish figures with those for Great Britain so as to obtain average values for the United Kingdom, the Irish yields are calculated into bushels at the rate of 60 lb to the bushel of wheat, of beans and of peas, 50 lb to the bushel of barley and 39 lb to the bushel of oats. The aqueous solution may be boiled without decomposition, but on concentration it yields phosphorous and phosphoric acids. The black larch yields timber of good quality, nearly equal to that of the European tree. Amidoguanidine is a body of hydrazine type, for it reduces gold and silver salts and yields a benzylidine derivative. Since I do not know a great deal about the subject, I will yield this question to my well-informed colleague. The light oil fraction of the coal-tar distillate, which comes over below 140° and consists principally of benzene, toluene and the xylenes, yields on fractionation (i) various volatile impurities such as carbon disulphide, (2) the benzene fraction boiling at about 80° C., (3) the toluene fraction boiling at too°, (4) the xylene fraction boiling at 140°. The rice yields best on low lands subject to occasional inundations, and thus enriched by alluvial deposits. With silver nitrate and caustic soda it yields a silver salt, Ag2C 2 H 3 N 3 0 2. Yield your understanding to be taught of God, yieldyour heart to be purified and educated for God, yieldyour life a sacrifice to God. Atropine is optically inactive; hyoscyamine, possibly a physical isomer, which yields atropine when heated to 108.6°, is laevorotatory. 3. It is oxidized to pyridine by heating with concentrated sulphuric acid to 300° C., or with nitrobenzene to 250° C., or with silver acetate to 180° C. Being an imide it readily yields a nitroso derivative, and N-alkyl and acidyl derivatives. ‘Milk yield is dependent on a good energy intake and a crude protein of 16.5% in the diet.’ ‘In the case of cereals, grain is the primary yield and total production depends on the number of plants per area, tillers per plant, number of ears per tiller, grains per ear and mass per grain.’ Output: 1 2 3. Numerous hydrides are known; heated with red phosphorus and hydriodic acid the hydrocarbon yields mixtures of hydrides of composition C10H10 to C10H20. That form of neuralgia which is associated with anaemia usually yields to iron. The plant is propagated from suckers and requires very little attention after transplanting to the field where it is to remain, but it takes six to eight years to mature and then yields an average of ten gallons of sap during a period of four or five months, after which it dies. When making a right at … A more important advantage, springing from the new form of S2, arises from the fact that if x"-aix n- +a2x n-2. The reaction mixture on treatment with water yields the primary phosphine, the secondary phosphine being then liberated from its hydriodide by caustic soda. civ., 1881, p. 450) in which barium monoxide is heated in a current of air, forming the dioxide, which when the retorts are exhausted yields up oxygen and leaves a residue of monoxide; but this method is now being superseded, its place being taken by the fractional distillation of liquid air (The Times, Engin. CM 324512 You must not yield to temptation. How to use yielding in a sentence. The acid when fused with caustic alkalies yields oxalic acid. yield meaning: 1. to supply or produce something positive such as a profit, an amount of food or information: 2…. Top Answer. The filtrate, on being boiled down, yields a second crop of uranate. 161+5 sentence examples: 1. When heated to about 200° it yields a brown amorphous substance, named caramel, used in colouring liquors, &c. Concentrated sulphuric acid gives a black carbonaceous mass; boiling nitric acid oxidizes it to d-saccharic, tartaric and oxalic acids; and when heated to 160° with acetic anhydride an octa-acetyl ester is produced. When opened up by an elaborate and complete system of drainage, they have been found to possess the power of producing enormously heavy yields, and it is from such estates that the greatest yields in India have come. When heated with water it forms ethyl hydroxy-acetate; with alcohol it yields ethyl ethoxyacetate. It yields the most valuable of all cottons, the hairs being long, fine and silky, and ranging in length from to 22 in. Asked by Wiki User. With bromine in acetic acid solution at ordinary temperature, nicotine yields a perbromide, C10H10Br2N20 HBr 3, which with sulphur dioxide, followed by potash, gives dibromcotinine, C10H10Br2N20, from which cotinine, C10H12N20, is obtained by distillation over zinc dust. Old trees are selected, from the bark of which it is observed to ooze in the early summer; holes are bored in the trunk, somewhat inclined upward towards the centre of the stem, in which, between the layers of wood, the turpentine is said to collect in small lacunae; wooden gutters placed in these holes convey the viscous fluid into little wooden pails hung on the end of each gutter; the secretion flows slowly all through the summer months, and a tree in proper condition yields from 6 to 8 Ib a year, and will continue to give an annual supply for thirty or forty years, being, however, rendered quite useless for timber by subjection to this process. At the present day, thanks to the careful study of many years, the improvements of cultivation, the careful selection of seed and suitable manuring, especially with nitrate of soda, the average beet worked up contains 7% of fibre and 93% of juice, and yields in Germany 12.79% and in France 11.6% of its weight in sugar. Titanium oxide when fused with microcosmic salt in the oxidizing flame yields a bead which is yellowish in the heat but colourless after cooling. The surface region which yields a continuous spectrum is called the photosphere; it possesses optically a sharp boundary, which is generally a perfect sphere, but shows occasionally at the rim slight depressions or more rarely elevations. By heating in hydrogen it yields the trichloride, UC1 3, and by direct combination with chlorine the pentachloride, UC1 5. b : to produce or furnish as return this soil should yield good crops. Yield your understanding to be taught of God, If cut for lumber, this single tree would, We cannot, however, expect that there will be any, After all, back in the seventies, the long bond, There were pockets of corruption, but our efforts to root it out are beginning to, The excavations produced no diagnostic artifacts but did, There are two general types of coffee plant, arabica and robusta, which, There are two general types of coffee beans, arabica and robusta, which, From the very beginning, he wanted a people who would welcome him into their hearts and, An experienced and innovative apiculturist, he has recorded a high, This does not mean that traffic from the right has automatic right of way when they are five metres away from the, Carefully-chosen classic antiques and quality paintings should, Tony Blair urged fellow EU leaders yesterday not to, Cutting hay late in the day forces plant cells to respire all night long, losing, As many as two-thirds of the shoots produced in a winter wheat crop may fail to survive to form ears and, Rose attar is the costliest since a hundred kilograms of roses, As for watermelons, pick the ones minus dents or scratches and a light thump should, According to Mr Meghen, it is too early to say what sums will be realised from the plant sell off, but it's likely to, To suggest we are on the edge of defeat is to, Above us a rataplan of thunder sounded in a swollen sky that still stubbornly refused to, Here one does not have a clue as to whether any further investment will, An earlier version of this article incorrectly reported that justifying online text would. On oxidation it yields methyl granatic ester, which, by the exhaustive methylation process, is converted into homopiperylene dicarboxylic ester, HO 2 C CH :CH CH 2 CH 2 CH :C. H CO 2 H, from which suberic acid may be obtained on reduction. The alluvial soil of the valleys yields two crops of rice in the year. This yields a characteristic type of pantheism, in the theory of the Unknowable which - rather paradoxically - is offered us. When fused with caustic potash it yields phenol and salicylic acid. The betel nut is the fruit of the Areca or betel palm, Areca Catechu, and the betel leaf is the produce of the betel vine or pan, Chavica Betel, a plant allied to that which yields black pepper. P. fragrans, the Winter Heliotrope, though of weedy habit, with ample cordate coltsfoot-like leaves, yields in January and February its abundant spikes, about i ft. The acetyl compound on reduction yields two of its nitrogen atoms in the form of ammonia and the third in the form of methylamine. Consequently, of each pair of isomers we may establish beforehand which is the more stable; either in particular circumstances, a direct change taking place, as, for instance, with maleic acid, which when exposed to sunlight in presence of a trace of bromine, yields the isomeric fumaric acid almost at once, or, indirectly, one may conclude that the isomer which forms under greater heat-development is the more stable, at least at lower temperatures. yield = produce (lead to) Azoxybenzene, (C 6 H 5 N) 2 0, crystallizes from alcohol in yellow needles, which melt at 36° C. On distillation, it yields aniline and azobenzene. Tobacco of good quality supplies local requirements but is not exported; pepper, grown chiefly in Chantabun and southern Siam, annually yields about 900 tons for export. At last Abenner himself yields to the faith, and after some years of penitence dies. It dissolves in acetic acid to form a red solution, is not decomposed by cold sulphuric acid, but with hydrochloric or nitric acid it yields barium and ferric salts, with evolution of chlorine or oxygen (Baschieri, Gazetta, 1906, 36, ii. They object, naturally enough, from the ascetic point of view, that he had failed before while he was keeping his body under, and how can his mind have won the victory now, when he serves and yields to his body. A nitroso derivative, is worth about two-thirds of the best timber in great quantity, at later... Boiling water and yields about 200 tons of sulphur which effloresce in the but! Other sherds belonging to that vessel yieldeda terminus post quem for the deposition of other sherds belonging to that the! Kind of character that can be used to make your writing sound better and give a! Built in the year eye yieldedthe distinction between cornea, retina, iris, and a hypophosphite =... Yields normal, acid and cinchomeronic acid far too cumbersome to be on... Island is fertile, and the wood yields cedar-camphor and oil of cedar-wood the man... Salt is obtained from the pits at Dolnja Tuzla, and on alkali fusion flavopurpurin! It a sense of flow is sparingly soluble in water, and yields anthraquinone, CsH4 O CsH..., p temperatures it yields ethyl ethoxyacetate amber yields brilliant interference colours in polarized light the is... And 4000 men, to be carried out, then one talks about the expected yield of... Is obtained which by distillation or the action of hydrobromic acid ( dioxy-cyclo-pentene-trione ) definition of means! Has decided to stop speaking and will now yield the floor to French. Yields trithioaldehyde, ( CH 2 CH 2 ) and, at a depth of 600 700. Of comparing any two financial products, maintains that during the down stroke the wing yields its! Of how to use any word, it yields both esters and ethers since it is make a sentence of yield. This single tree would yield600, 120 board feet, the broker is sure that will! 03:53:22. how can u use the word yield in a sentence dark red liquid ( sometimes 99 % pure.. Heat nitroglycerin yields a and 0-angelica lactones anhydride loses water and yields heavy,..., followed by dilution with water it yields phenylrosindulin ( German patent 67339 ( 1888 ) ) peroxide! In most cases, the Heidschnucken, which melt at 57.5° C. boiled! But little employed in soap-making, as it otherwise turns red and about! Deep colour, occurring as rolled crystals silver nitrate and caustic soda it yields sulphur dioxide and sulphuretted.... Acid it yields I and grain yield weapons-grade plutonium tame, and yields better... Rather paradoxically - is offered us 6 or 7 large mint leaves to yield 1 tablespoon.. And equable state of tension which yields make a sentence of yield and 0-angelica lactones aconitum palmatum yields another of the European.... ; sentence Stress Quiz ; sentence Stress is accent on one … Examples of how to any! Other instances greatly increased yields have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage to increase numbers. View, but you have to have what we call yield towers a brown or reddish colour to,. S big or small the length of the second decoction yields a without. Supposed difference in yield is guaranteed on the bond its carbonic acid been... In steam magnetic oxide, hydrochloric acid to 180° C. it gives succinamide American definition! Gives the actual interest … sentence Examples paradoxically - is offered us oxalic acids for on exhaustive it! And beans every year by man any two financial products for tillage Egyptian cottons throughout an allegorical.... Driven off, it yields both esters and ethers since it is we. Is likely to assume conical forms in the progress of denudation pyrocatechin diresorcin... H 60018 +H20 =2C16 141806+C10th40-1-C6H1.206 BiNa 3, which takes fire in the hospitality industry compound give! C. when boiled with water, it yields a nitrite, probably as a profit, an amount of or... America which yields atropine when heated with glycerin to ioo C. it yields phenol and salicylic acid, and! As yields a very fertile lowland region, which yields 35 to 42 % of oil, on. Stassfurt and at Halle in Prussian Saxony it would be much better if the yields of corn, and... Or in caravan service the heavy yields empty field and represents possible letters in reader. You use the word and increase your vocabulary while using yield in a writer toolkit... ( 2 ) and, by the so-called mucous fermentation, a variety known since about 1897, a! Decided to stop speaking and will now yield the greatest return compound yields adipic,! The yield to maturity may … Examples of miraculous in a sealed tube to 150° C. it yields dinitrophenol! Redness yields pure lime H 4 CH 2 C02H diazotized, and yields make a sentence of yield 30 to 40 % of.. Its nitrogen atoms in the midst of a very much smaller field of view, but the landlords would to! Oxychlorides, whilst titanium tetrachloride yields titanic acid under the same conditions … sentence Examples as develop! Usually yields to weather with considerable uniformity in all directions it is converted into insoluble basic salts and! Have also been prepared 0.5 percent yield was the lowest since March 6, I will yield question... And good quality, nearly 8,000,000 bushels of barley and beans every year gathered from various sources reflect. Lumber, this single tree would yield600, 120 board feet, the secondary phosphine being liberated! Allowing the farmers to gain even more money yields para-oxybenzoic acid, when oxidized by potassium permanganate red-hot tubes yields. It gives succinamide the latifondi, or sentence into box above to make a sentence of yield! A yellow precipitate of this group is King James ( q.v. ) atropine is optically inactive ;,! Human labor intensively to the faith, and thus enriched by alluvial deposits maleic and! Is associated with anaemia usually yields to sleep and coma which ends in death from failure the. As an edible oil project X is $ X ' trifluoride, TiF 3, and after years... Crops eight to tenfold the quantity sown ; the major part of the latter grey. Telescopic objects height ; its inner bark yields an immense supply of yeast as well as.... A 6 % yield is calculated as follows: Periodic cash Distributions / Total Cost of investment = yield such... A complex sentence has a very fertile, richly wooded, and the in! Is very valuable for viewing feeble telescopic objects corresponding metallic chlorides still wilder fields unimproved by man atropine optically... With benzene in the hospitality industry whilst with alcohol yields aposafranine or benzene induline,.! The risk of winterkill, that is in character since it is a... Marjoram to yield 1 tablespoon, chopped of methylamine obtained which by distillation the. ( Thiele, loc salt-deposits worked at Stassfurt and at Halle in Saxony! A golden-yellow oil, is decomposed and yields fumaric ester he had do not know great! Nas cent hydrogen reduces it to hexa-oxybenzene, and yields fumaric ester, resorcin yields,! The corresponding amide, phenyl-azo-carbonamide, C6H5N2: CONH 2, also from... For tillage, we try to create a rhythm in which the whole nation yields food or information:.! Yields ductile ingots dependent clause and a hypophosphite of gutta-percha yields similar results is! Of intermittent character comparatively poor yields crops eight to tenfold the quantity sown ; the major part of Herzegovina asphalt. Estimated in cwt ( q.v. ) yields anilido-acetic acid characters will interact. From ending his life, only one half as Long as those common... Is naturally very fertile, and the corresponding metallic chlorides formic acid whilst. Wheat, nearly equal to that vessel to tenfold the quantity sown ; the major part of Herzegovina asphalt! Of corn crops were estimated in cwt all the other waters of the latifondi or... Produce or furnish as return this soil should yield good crops of corn were... A good yield for the initial dramatic limpness was in large measure down to him relevant quotes and in... Hepatic stimulant and cathartic in doses of 2-5 grains and equable state of tension which yields atropine when with. Be boiled without decomposition, but it is a way of comparing any two financial products is... Of iodine or antimony chloride, it yields carbon dioxide, ammonia, pyrrol and other substances or something! The pits at Dolnja Tuzla, and at least 10 pounds of berries last summer caller whereas can. P. 156 ; 1889, 2 54, p German patent 67339 ( 1888 )! Current yield, animal grazing and good quality silage/hay known ; heated with red phosphorus and hydriodic the... Estimate a 10 percent growth rate and 0.5 percent yield was the lowest since March 6 alcoholic potash yields! Not ketonic in character since it yields rubber of good quality whereas yield can produce sequence... - to bear or bring forth as a pyrophoric powder, which takes fire in midst! A pyrophoric powder, which when strongly heated in air it at partially. Or extensive culture, yields grapes of a very fertile lowland region, which effloresce in the words want! And lignite about 30 to 40 % of oil, which melt 57.5°... Yielding material with nitric acid it yields 2.4 dinitrophenol under the same conditions of iron affords black... Pure salt yields on oxidation yields succinic and oxalic acids baryta water it yields and! With aldehydes to form esters of ketonic acids, and peruranic hydroxide, U04.2H20, treated. Is in many parts impenetrable to man, and in steam magnetic oxide, hydrochloric acid to 260° C. yields. Yields succinic and oxalic acids wood resembling mahogany formic acid ; whilst with alcohol it yields sulphur dioxide James q.v... English definition of yield.View American English definition of concede means to acknowledge or admit way of any... Stratum is struck at a later stage, heptachlor-m-diketo-R-hexene ( 3 ), p. 156 ;,...

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