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On Nintendo only, you get an extra pilot, an extra starship,

For characters, you have a lot of options. My favorite would probably be Wulf/Vania/Ferry. Wulf and Vania are quite powerful attackers, with Wulf being quite durable, drawing some aggro and having guaranteed triple attacks, while Vania has some utility with her dark defense down and charm, while still holding her own and sometimes even surpassing Wulf in her damage output due to her having multiple cap breaking options.

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fake hermes belt vs real The starter pack gives you a starship, a pilot, and three weapons, whether you go physical or digital. On Nintendo only, you get an extra pilot, an extra starship, and an extra mission in game. You can play the whole game with just the starter pack, but the different pilots, starships, and weapons do add a lot.. fake hermes belt vs real

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