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Not only was I extremely close to my Aunt and Uncle but that

Mate. With all dire reasoning, sir or maam, according to 2 websites (UserBenchmark and CPUworld) Multi core scored as follows: 9400f = 669pts while 2700X = 1300pts. Wait what was that? the 9400f doesnt even have threads. Not only was I extremely close to my Aunt and Uncle but that year I had also lost my mom, and really couldn understand why my Grandparents had to endure the pain of outliving both of their daughters. That man has caused our family so much pain, from my cousins growing up without parents, to addiction problems stemming from their losses even to us still dealing with my cousins PTSD and addiction problems to this day ( he saw it happen, they were shot) this was about 17 years ago. There was 6 sons and 3 went to go fight for the union and the other 3 were to young and worked on the family farm.

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