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In addition, fellow rearguards Alex Smith and Nick Seeler each

Perhaps she did at one point, but things change just as we’ve see today with who’s endorsing Obama rather than Clinton. She has a few delegates who’ve stood for her in VA while Obama has the current and former Governor of VA plus a few other higher ranking VA politicians, NJ is evenly split between the three democratic candidates, he’s got major backing in NV and even in NY he’s gaining ground. Don’t spend those superdelegates on HRC as they aren’t hers yet and may well be won over by Obama’s campaign of hope, honesty and the courage to fight for true change!!.

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Canada Goose Online The Lumberjacks had lost in regulation the first 10 times they trailed after two periods, and while they still haven’t come back to win in that situation, last Wednesday’s two goal third period earned Muskegon an important point in the standings and kept them unbeaten (2 0 1) against second place Indiana. Defenseman Mark Yanis scored the most significant goal of his two year USHL career last time out, tying the score with 7:34 left. In addition, fellow rearguards Alex Smith and Nick Seeler each had an assist on Dakota Klecha’s team leading ninth goal of the season to start the comeback. Canada Goose Online

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