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If you don’t want to be exposed to market risk on your

Last week was my own first stay there and I liked it better than either Marc or Craig, at least at $159 a night, I did. The place sits on a wide and lovely stretch of the Choptank River, a major corner of the Chesapeake Bay. The rooms are big and well appointed, the bathrooms are plush and roomy and there was, last week at least, enough buzz around the bars and public areas to keep it from feeling like Jack Nicholson was going to hew down the door to our room.

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replica prada nylon bags The Chiefs plated two in the ninth. Juan Yepez led off with a single and moved to second on a one out single by Herrera. Both runners moved up on a groundout and scored on a triple to center by Riley. Habitat degradation is a major one, said Amanda Rodewald, director of conservation science for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.Loss of state forestland, shrubland and grassland habitats pose a large threat to bird populations. Changes to mowing and haying practices also are having an impact.“People are haying and mowing more frequently, so the birds aren’t able to successfully raise their young in time,“ she said.Climate change is another factor some scientists say is affecting bird populations.“A couple species of note would be Carolina wren, which seems to be sticking around more winters than ever before, and the yellow bellied sapsucker appears to be expanding its winter range, possibly attributable to global warming,“ said Craig Thompson, a volunteer educator with the Audubon Society of the Capital Region.Birds face more challenges than other species because they cover so much ground, said Joe Racette, state wildlife action plan coordinator for the DEC.“Because of their migratory nature and the fact that they use a variety of habitats throughout their seasonal migrations, it exposes them to more threats than you might have for some of the species that don’t travel as far,“ he explained.Many migratory birds that breed in New York state have wintering grounds in places like South America, where habitats are also being lost.Birds including the cerulean warbler featured on the Species of Greatest Conservation Need list winter in South American shade coffee plantations, where overstory trees are being cut down as farmers turn to a different growing method.“They’re losing a lot of their winter habitat, and that’s going to affect their populations here,“ said Rodewald. „So when we’re looking at these species of conservation need in New York, even though maybe it’s easiest to impact them and support their conservation with conservation actions in New York, or just thinking about what’s happening here, we really need to think across the full life cycle, which means we have to think about what’s happening in Central and South America and the Caribbean.“Another reason so many birds made the Species of Greatest Conservation Need list is because scientists have more information about bird populations than they do about other animal populations, thanks in part to bird counts that have been conducted over the years, said Racette.Saving bird populations isn’t something that should be left solely to professional conservationists replica prada nylon bags.

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