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Government spending is therefore the only hope

„You know, if the Hammonds wouldn’t stand, if the sheriff didn’t stand, then, you know, the people had to do something. And I guess this is what they did decide to do. I wasn’t in on that. Government spending is therefore the only hope.Chennai’s Water Crisis Largely A Man Made DisasterMihir Sharma, BloombergThursday, June 27, 2019One of India’s largest cities, Chennai, is dealing with a crippling crisis: It has run out of water. In the middle of a particularly hot summer, the four lakes that supply the capital of the southern state of Tamil Nadu have dried up; together they contain just 1% of the volume they did last year. Residents don’t have enough water to drink, bathe o.RBI’s Autonomy Takes Another Hit As Viral Acharya Heads For ExitAndy Mukherjee BloombergTuesday, June 25, 2019A standoff over the government’s intentions was temporarily resolved by pushing to a panel of experts the question of whether the RBI had excess capital and could return some of it to the finance ministry.Jet’s Banks Finally Accept The Airline Is DeadAndy Mukherjee, Bloomberg OpinionMonday, June 24, 2019With the insolvency tribunal taking Jet Airways India Ltd.

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